Apple shares hit 52 week low on Friday as stock remains pressured by sellers

Apple's shares hit a low on Friday of $91.85 before closing at $92.72. Friday's low is significant because it is Apple's new 52 week-low. The 52-week high is $132.97. Apple's stock has been declining since it announced its fiscal second quarter earnings report. While the company earned $10.5 billion for the three months, it was the first quarter in the history of the iPhone that showed lower sales year-over-year...
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58. tedkord

Posts: 17099; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

Anyone who wants Apple to fall is an idiot. But so are the fools who want Samsung to die. Or Google. And you have just as many of them as Apple haters.

72. darkkjedii

Posts: 30792; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

I want all of them to keep thriving, and pushing the envelope. I think this may be the shot in the arm Apple needs, and that'll drive the others. None of these companies are closing their doors in our lifetimes though. The trolls gotta make their green thumb post bro.

88. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

I agree with you here. We need all these companies to stay in the game, and more would be even better. The more competition there is, the more they drive each other to put out better products or drive down prices. Look at what T-Mobile, who at the time was in 4th place did for cell carriers. It forced the big boys Verizon and AT&T to follow suit and give customers better than they were at that point. Looking at the Android OEMS, they each have strong qualities. HTC has build quality and their BoomSound along with recently faster updates. Motorola brought a nice suite of apps (Moto Display, Assist, Voice, and gesture controls) along with a near stock skin that ensured fast updates and they have some of the best cellular reception in the business. Samsung has build quality, display and camera, and marketing on their side. LG has great cameras and generally fast updates on their side. Chinese OEMS have helped to drive down the prices, giving us decent phones at affordable prices. All of these individual OEMS have driven the other OEMS to do better, be it camera quality, speaker quality, faster updates, and producing devices with more bang for the buck. And all of them have driven Google to give us a better Nexus device. This may be the first time where a Nexus device could really compete with the flagships in areas like camera, display, and sound quality. So I'm happy to have Apple, and Microsoft for that matter, around. They all bring something to the table. The issues I have most of these companies usually have nothing to do with the devices themselves, but with their respective fanbases. When these fanboys are willing to overlook the issues of their chosen devices to trumpet their horns, it does no one any good. All it does is give these comlanies a pass to continue to overlook their issues.

68. scarface21173

Posts: 631; Member since: Aug 17, 2014

Apple need some new hardware. Not minor upgrades with inflated prices. Its killing the company slowly.

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