Apple says purple tint on Apple iPhone 5 pictures is the camera's normal behavior

In a manner suggesting the way that the late Steve Jobs told Apple iPhone 4 users that they were holding the phone the wrong way, allowing the left-handed death grip to cut signal strength on the phone, Apple told iPhone 5 users that the strange purple tint seen in the corners on some photos is normal...
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Am i the only 1 with the black version, and Rooted and CPU clocked at 1.8ghz and slightly overclocked Gpu and under-voltage so i get the extra 2 hour battery lasting, and finally removed all bloatwares and RAM showing 650Mb?

55. XPERIA-KNIGHT unregistered

LOL.....yep you're the only one bro haha good stuff tho

41. myclevername

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Didn't all those people in that cult who committed suicide wear purple? Sneakers if I remember correctly.

46. Jphones

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ha apple just can't resist relasing an iphone with problems that could easily be figured out and solved before release. haha gonna need a camera attachment or pay to download a app to fix it. those sneaky cores

48. Sniggly

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Well that was just silly, Apple. You were doing so well with the apology over maps. At least the statement wasn't as terse as Jobs's was.

61. maxican16

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Was going to say the same thing. It appears as tho Jobs' influence is still present. It's a shame they can't just admit their mistakes. I guess when you have so many lemmings falling in line, you can pretty much say anything you like. Do other phones have issues? Sure. But EVERY SINGLE iphone will be plagued by this. Oops!

51. nwright94 unregistered

I honestly haven't run into this with my iPhone 5 yet.

119. nwright94 unregistered

Thumbs down because my phone doesn't have problems? I don't wish problems on android users. You guys really need to learn to be objective.

52. nwright94 unregistered

Also, maybe it's just apple saving instagrammers the work of putting nasty filters on their pictures :p

57. StalkinUrMom

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I posted this same thing right before I saw yours. Boy, is my face red.

77. nwright94 unregistered

Haha, it looks no different from half the Instagram pictures I see. Just REALLY hoping this doesn't start happening to me on my 5.

56. StalkinUrMom

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Does it matter all that much? iPhone users put s**tty Instagram filters on literally everything anyway.

59. pikapowerize

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this is really pathetic answers! answers by money-greed business man! there's really something wrong about it! since when a purple tint a normal behavior???? if you cant give a good answer better shut up and rework on that! im so dissappointed by this apple! i like iDevices but these reasons are just stupid!

60. pookiewood

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well Apple did make it so therefore it's perfect. That's just the Jimmy Hendrix purple haze filter. I was hoping they would include the rainbows or unicorns filter that automagically puts rainbows or unicorns in your picture.

62. bradley.block

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Really. I think that it is pretty sad that everyone on here is bashing Apple. I have had plenty of android phones with bad cameras. Now I am the proud owner of an iPhone 5. Everyone has their own taste in technology and just because some "Thinks Different" that does not make them wrong. I am so tired of people on this site constantly bashing Apple. Personally I love technology so I like them all. Well almost...bada sucks. Anyways just thought I would get that out so that maybe we could get to a real discussion instead of just bashing one company or the other. And back on topic I just took about 20 pictures with my iPhone 5 and everyone of them was near or in a bright light. And not ONE single picture had a purple haze. So either I have the only good camera Apple put in an iPhone 5 or the problem isn't affecting EVERYONE. By the way my girlfriends has no purple haze either. So I guess I'm not the ONE.

92. EclipseGSX

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Well since Apple says this is "normal" you obviously have a defective unit and should get it replaced :)

102. jroc74

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See.....ppl cant have it both ways. The iPhone, iDevices are supposed to be the standard every other manufacture strives to be. You see it in reviews, see it with user posts, whether its fanboys or just regular users. So when issues like this pop brings Apple back to reality. And should bring the Apple, iPhone fanboys back down to Earth. Nothings perfect. No OS is perfect. I wish some folks realized this....

63. Hemlocke unregistered

I can tell we don't have many photographers on here. This IS normal, and a quick web search will confirm that it happens to even the most expensive DSLRs. People get bent out of shape about the dumbest things.

71. BREvenson

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If it's such a common thing, how come there are several phones that don't have that problem? Look at the picture comparison in the article...the iPhone 4 pic looks fine to me. The One X, Galaxy S III, Droid RAZR, Galaxy Nexus...the pics from those phones look fine, too. With the way you talk, it's as if everyone is supposed to be an experienced photographer who knows several aspects of taking pictures. Sure, it may be blowing it out of proportion, but look at the majority of people on this site; they will jump at any opportunity to point out the flaws on such a revered, publicly adored phone like the iPhone...much like iPhone fans will jump at any opportunity to criticize Android phones. It goes both ways, so deal with it.

74. Sniggly

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How interesting, then, that it didn't happen with the iPhone 4 in the same situation. It's not a huge deal, and I understand the nature of Apple's response, but it is weird that the iPhone 4 is not affected by this issue.

103. jroc74

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Ok....its common.....yet it doesnt happen to most other cameras....and wasnt there on the iPhone 4.. Maybe those other expensive DSLR's have an imperfection? All cameras arent created equal. Just like phones... As bad as the cameras are on Motorola phones....that so many ppl claim.....I have yet to see this purple tint...Accoms Razor... At the same time, cameras on Moto phones are made better with 3rd party camera apps, software.

104. remixfa

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show me an expensive DSLR camera that has a purple tint issue, and I'll show you a photographer that had his camera sent in for repairs. NEVER in my life have I owned a camera, expensive or cheap, that had a purple lens issue as part of normal operation. Cameras are designed to capture as authentic of a picture as possible (without effects). Purple tint is not authentic. Its a DEFECT. Hell, even previous iPhone models dont reproduce the issue, so you cant even use that defence. Frikkin iSheepies will defend anything as long as it has a fruit logo on it.

65. sp3llv3xit

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This purple/magenta tinting on captured photographs is not Apple's fault. It is a problem endemic to Sony's cameras. This is one of the reasons why I kept Nikon and Canon cameras but stayed away from Sony's.

75. XPERIA-KNIGHT unregistered

cant be that bad if galaxy s3 has a sony as well as apple......o and apples 4s was sony as well.......never had any issues there so quit tryna make sony look bad dude and accept that apple is only receiving their due.......

67. garz_pa

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You're taking pictures the wrong way. LOL

69. BREvenson

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With the way Apple talks, it's as if they have never done anything wrong. The antenna issues, the purple tint on's all the user's fault that there are problems. How arrogant and snotty of them to admit no mistakes (except for the publically humiliating Maps debacle) and expect all users to accept responsibility.

72. BREvenson

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70. voxmarc

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Its normal! WTF....

73. semipro1337

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Wow such an advanced feature for their camera, but they haven't patented it yet? Something seems kinda fruity....

76. jeff1434325

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dafuq did he just said??.....NORMAL?

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