"Apple ripped us off again": where is the 4K iPhone with a 40-megapixel camera?

The new Apple iPhone 6s family is out and this will likely be the biggest launch of 2015. Biggest in terms of sales, revenue, profits, and influence on the state of smartphones…
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26. Wiencon

Posts: 2278; Member since: Aug 06, 2014

The thing You have to realize is that guy is troll, just since he created his accounts he trolls every article, no matter if Apple realted or not, just ignore him and ignore every troll you'll ever meet on the internet, it's the only way to fight them, by answering them you only make them smile

61. T-rex unregistered

he was actually being sarcastic

65. iReligion

Posts: 17; Member since: Mar 01, 2015

@SnakeBOY Alert Incoming apple bashing! Apple is your life? That sounds like a lack of the latter to me. Sleeping in a tent at the apple store? Please refer to the first statement. Also I have "owns" one. iPod and a iPad they both are very limiting and restrictive. Are you saying that Android customers can not afford a $900.00 phone? Is that the dumbest thing I have every heard? Almost. Billionaire tycoon Warren Buffett uses the Nokia flip phone "Alexander Graham Bell gave me." I don't hate I roflol over the iCult/iReligion. Jealous of your shiny white phones? Get a life hmmm I am not going to comment on that, wait read the first statement again?

75. Ultimodrew

Posts: 59; Member since: Aug 14, 2015

Holy crap reading this hurt my head. Not because you are a huge fan of Apple, but because of the "Apple is my life" comment. Do you work for Apple with the Live to work, not work to live mentality? If not... seriously get a life. It is just technology that helps make your life better. Glad you like the tech you own, but dont make it your whole world. That is just sad.

115. AlikMalix unregistered

You guys are really dunce if you think SnakeBoy is actually an Apple fan boy... It is so freaken obvious that he is trolling Apple users meme that doesn't exist in real life. It's not clever, and it's not funny, just pitiful... And you apple haters are eating his crap because you finally reading s**t you think Apple users really sound like...

8. Wulfgardr

Posts: 73; Member since: Oct 29, 2014

HAHAHAHAHAHA wonderful article, thanks PA, you have made my day

13. PhoneCritic

Posts: 1354; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

Victor you say high res screens are usless " but I notice that whenever Apple implements what has been around for a while PA's authors scream that Apple implemented it better then anyone and it's cutting edge. I looked at the camera of the new 6s that captures a few seconds of the scene before taking the actual photo to produce a moving photo- HTC had this years ago in it's Zoe feature and continue to improve on it year after year form the M7 to the M9 yet PA screams in it article that Apple has implemented it right. How?? Its the same thing HTC did years ago! Come on its PA that is being hypocritical here. Apple has done a good job with the 6s but give credit where credit is due. Stop saying that features that other manufactures take a risk on introducing ( innovations ) are useless until Apple does the same thing years later then its a "game changer" this is the criticisim that I level against PA's authors Please stop the double talk and be fair and as un bias as journalism should be.

92. Penny

Posts: 1851; Member since: Feb 04, 2011

Yeah I was so tempted to respond to many of Victor's comments here. I personally am not a spec junkie and prefer to look at them in the context of the overall package. But it seems that for PA and many tech blogs, the iPhone's specs are always JUST RIGHT, whatever they are. 1440p won't be useful until it's on the iPhone. THEN it will make a difference. And Victor, if you're seriously going to talk about the 1020's 41MP sensor, I highly suggest you do some research into the facts. You'll find that the pixel size at full resolution is still 1.12 microns, because the 1020 has a 2/3" sensor. You also might know (or might not) that the 1020 can by default take 5MP shots utilizing that entire sensor, so yeah it does empirically give you much sharper images.

98. Victor.H

Posts: 1064; Member since: May 27, 2011

So if HTC got it right (and I actually was a big fan of the original Zoe feature in the M7, which I reviewed and praised the Zoe camera by acknowledging that it neat addition that adds life to your still photos), then why did they remove the conveniently located Zoe button in a separate camera mode that would obfuscate the feature and then completely remove it in the One M9? And if this is indeed a great feature in your opinion (I think it is), why isn't it currently available in any Android devices? It's funny how I have to play the devil's advocate for Apple when my point here is not to defend a particular company - it is an attempt to inspire us as a community to move forward beyond the "Ah, it's 8-megapixels, so it's crap" argument. This is what this article is about: it's about blind picking specs and basing definite opinions just on the spec. In fact, HTC is a perfect example of moving up and down the megapixel specs ladder with little difference: UltraPixel was one of the worst performers among high-end cameras, but its new 20-megapixel camera is not automatically better because it's 20 megapixels. In fact, it also consistently ranks at the bottom of the charts and some may argue that it captures worse looking images than the UltraPixel cam. So let's look at the quality, not the spec.

101. Penny

Posts: 1851; Member since: Feb 04, 2011

I agree with your first point here Victor. Implementation is key, and what may appear to be gimmicks on Android devices due to their superficial implementation could be considered an advancement on iPhones because they make it an integral part of their OS. If you're going to depart from the standard way of doing things, go all the way and prove why your approach is the way to go.

14. jellmoo

Posts: 2597; Member since: Oct 31, 2011

But won't the higher megapixel count help when it comes to digital zoom?

15. arch_angel

Posts: 1651; Member since: Feb 20, 2015

What The iPhone 7 Needs. Larger Battery At Least 2000mAh+, 1080p Display Or Some Unorthodox Resolution That's The Same Or Slightly Better, Higher Screen-Body Ratio, A 16mp+ Camera, And Preferably 3gb Of Ram But 2gb Is Enough. Along With The Normal Improvements This Would Make For A Great iPhone 7 And I'd Actually Get It.

16. davthom123

Posts: 121; Member since: Mar 02, 2015

not the same thing pa said about xperia z3c and Samsung galaxy alpha.they were criticized for not having 1080p screens.and how come pa didn't make a similar article after the z5 compact announcement

27. PhoneCritic

Posts: 1354; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

My point exactly. PA authors with the exception of former writer Michael, and some others, have just been too critical of other manufactures and saying their hardware or software implementations are useless - until Apple implements the same thing years later. why not say the same thing about Apple? Look many years ago during the PC infancy state when 512k was the standard and there was the option for 1Mb available but super expensive people would say "1mb what in the world do you need one 1mb for it's useless" my spread sheet can run on 256K . No one today would ague that 1mb is enough for any pc. on the smartphone other manufactures have been supplying 2Mb as standard and up to 4mb for high end. Apple proponents will say "we don't need 2mb our os runs fine on 1Mb" and PA authors agree 2mb is useless - until Apple decides to implement 2mb ( because of multitasking now) and PA authors would say wow, Apple implements 2mb the right way and does multitasking the right way.

17. davthom123

Posts: 121; Member since: Mar 02, 2015

plus this I lyk saying we don't need the a9 or exynos 7420 or mtk x10 bcoz its been proven that the a7 or sd615 or mtk6753 run their respective is plus games extremely well

85. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

Your eyes and games can always be approved upon in smoothness, animations, AI, particles, and more. However resolution is something that majority of humans just simply cant tell the difference at a certain distance/size.

19. Xenaz

Posts: 144; Member since: Apr 28, 2013

sorry, misread

22. arch_angel

Posts: 1651; Member since: Feb 20, 2015

750p vs 1080p vs 1440p, Can I Tell The Difference Between Them At A Normal Viewing Distance? Maybe Its Just Me Or I Have Superhuman Eyesight Cause Between My GS6 My Sisters One M8 And My Mom's iPhone 6 I Can Clearly See The Difference Between The Level Of Detail While Holding Them In My Outstretched Arm (2ft 9in From My Eyes).

28. Hatshipuh

Posts: 163; Member since: Aug 09, 2012

How long can you record a 4k video with 16GB of storage or whatever is available?

29. iphonexus

Posts: 130; Member since: Jan 04, 2015

well u said 1080p QHD UHD ... megapixel count compared with 1020 note 5 s6 how about battery life Do we do not need high mah battery u said all those stuff now my question can iphone 6s last like 2 days on 1700 mah battery ... #6 plus user and going to buy 6s plus

31. Genza

Posts: 576; Member since: Mar 12, 2014

Still talking about iPhone camera has good low light performance without giving enough details on the lens & ISO performance. As far as i know the iPhone 6 & 6+ with 1.5 micron is not even that great in low light. I'm also can't understand why some still talking s***t about the resolution, i have no problem with iPhone resolution or PPI counts because i'm 100% sure as long you not using it for VR you'll not be dissapointed by the display even when you have very good eyes that can see the individuals pixels. The display on iPhone always been one of the best, sure it can't go as dark as the OLED display but it can be dark enough for midnight reading/browsing, they also always keep the calibration as close as it possible to sRGB color gamut (the truth is most us doesn't even know how accurate display in sRGB looks like only vere well trained eyes can see the differences) The iPhone display also pretty reliable in bright light situations. So next time if you want talk s**t about iphone please say something reasonable that can really ruined your experience when you using an iPhone.

34. HouTexan

Posts: 461; Member since: Jan 08, 2012

PA, you guys are extreme hypocrites, I swear. You bash and take points away from other OEMs for the exact same things you give points to Apple for. Get out of here with that crap.

36. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

"it’s a bit tiring and really just sad to see short-sighted criticism repeated time and time again as an endless mantra. The criticism is deserved because a company with $200BN+ in the bank should not be releasing the same device year after year with only one new feature. Just shows how stupid people are. I was stupid once too. I bought a couple iPhones and iPads and I thought they were the best things since Apple pie, no pun intended. But the iPhone should be better. The fans need to wake up. Its ok to like what you like, but when you openly see a company with all this money, release the same crap every year with minor upgrades. All smartphone makers are under equal pressure to try to bring something unique to the table, with a form factor that dictates its own limitations. This BS 3D Touch is the same crap we've been doing for years. It is 100% identical to a long or short press. The display isn't detecting how hard you're pressing, its detecting how long. You don't have to actually press any harder or any softer and you will get the same effect, because the presses are being timed. All this stuff and lame duck claims about the experience and how iOS doesn't need to run on better hardware is all excuses to keep sucking you dry. It's very simple. Yes the OS is optimize to run on older hardware, but why should it. If Samsung for example or Sony can give us the latest available hardware in a phone that cocts them 4250-$280 to make and Apple is spending $250 to make a phone too, yet it has less capability, older hardware and similar; then what exactly are you paying the same price for. How is it the iPhone 6S isn't even better than the Galaxy S5 in many respects? How is the 6S Plus not better than the Note 4 or Note 5? How is it the iPhone 6S, isn't even better than the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge? The Galaxy S starts at $599 on Verizon. The iPhone 6/6S start at $650. Right off the bat you get less storage, smaller cameras, no extra features, you can even choose a default app, you can have access to the file system, you can use mass storage for personal files, you can use Windows Explorer to move files back and forth, you're stuck using a desktop client which is slow as hell and the phone gets damage easier than any phone sold in the whole wide world. Yet you sit and brag about nothing more than sales. if that is the only retort you can come up with vs maybe telling Apple with your wallets that you are tired of their BS, then you're actually part of the problem.

99. AlbertAribe

Posts: 168; Member since: Jun 21, 2014

Come on. You can't even buy a phone without contact man.

37. Zylam

Posts: 1817; Member since: Oct 20, 2010

Nice! Thanks Victor, I wish more articles would directly call out the trolls, things have gotten way to out of hand here. It's like Apple is strangling each troll here personally every second or something and hence they have to cry for help. Why on earth does it bother the android fans here if other people buy the iPhone? What their life affects the android fans so much? Go buy your Samsung and be happy? This is phone arena, it covers all phones.

38. Taters

Posts: 6474; Member since: Jan 28, 2013

Bwhahaha has oh god. This article is hilarious. Rationalize all you want Victor but even if you were right, and I completely disagree that you are based on what I have seen with my own two eyes, there is no way you can justify what Apple is doing. Apple is charging us for a 5k display, 64 GB of storage, 8gb of ram, and a 70 mp camera but only giving us a 750p display, 16gb of storage, 1 or 2 GB of ram, and a 12 mp camera. I don't care how well tuned it is, they simply shouldnt get away with charging us that much for old software and good optimization.

47. tedkord

Posts: 17362; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

Who is us? They're not charging me for it. As far as I know, no one is forced to buy an iPhone. So let those who are willing to pay the price do as they please. It doesn't affect you. If enough people decide is not worth the price, the price will come down.

50. Taters

Posts: 6474; Member since: Jan 28, 2013

Ever heard of con artists and cults? If we let everyone do as they pleased those two would be running amok ruling the world. Although Apple does fit the definition of a cult and is already more powerful than any country......hmmmm

54. Ninetysix

Posts: 2964; Member since: Oct 08, 2012

Go get them brosephine. Nothing's going to happen by just posting in these threads.

86. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

Old software? I hate apple, and their prices, but they area also in a unique situation where the cost is more than just a phone. Something non-iPhone users will NEVER understand.
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