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Apple revenue breakdown shows iPad is a quarter of its sales now, Macs don't really matter

0. phoneArena posted on 30 Jul 2012, 09:10

We know the iPhone makes half of Apple's revenue and most of its profits, yet we are now seeing the iPad taking a larger role in Apple's revenue breakdown...

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posted on 30 Jul 2012, 22:10

35. appleDOESNT.com (banned) (Posts: 456; Member since: 19 Nov 2011)

typical BLiND applelover comment. apple makes 4 products, 2 useful, 1 a bigger version of the other.. then they make software that is incredibly closed, restrictive and un customizable unless you jailbreak it making it just like android unrooted... you think iHate for fun, iHate because of iFans like you, blind, arrogant, think their s**t doesn't stink and lol defend apple's huge profit margins at their own yearly expense...

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 11:40 2

14. EclipseGSX (Posts: 1739; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Mmmmm mmmmm, I wish I was that grass :)

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 11:51 2

15. joaolx (Posts: 364; Member since: 16 Aug 2011)

You guys can say whatever you want but the Macs even if overpriced, I think they're worth it. I love mine and I don't think I'm ever going back to pc and "very limited edition of Linux" is far from a description of OS X.

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 12:03 2

16. paulyyd (Posts: 338; Member since: 08 Jan 2011)

Lol have fun with your pcs. I have a 2007 MacBook and it runs just like the day I bought it. You can't say that about a lot of pcs. Even the ones that were released less than a year ago

posted on 31 Jul 2012, 00:31 1

36. p0rkguy (Posts: 685; Member since: 23 Nov 2010)

Nobody expects the guy idolizing somebody like PaulyD to be capable of actually using a computer.

posted on 31 Jul 2012, 13:42

37. EclipseGSX (Posts: 1739; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

His version of "runs" is that it still turns on lol

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 16:10 1

34. xtroid2k (Posts: 532; Member since: 11 Jan 2010)

Apple is UNIX based not Linux based. And OSX is very powerful if u know how to use it. Its only in the last couple of years that apple has switched from a Motorola based CPU an Intel X86 CPU. Anyways now the only feeling I have about the venerable apple is when it will finally cave in on it self. Can anyone say Roman Empire.

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