Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 software

Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 software
If you plug in your iPhone to the computer, you’ll see that iTunes asks you to update the software to the new 2.0.1 version. It is expected to fix bugs which, as we’ve said before, are experienced by many (including us). There is no official information what will really be fixed but we can cross our fingers that most problems will be gone once updated. If you take the upgrade, make sure to post a comment on how the new device feels.

To those who have their iPhones jailbroken: keep in mind that updating to the 2.0.1 will “lock” your phone to the App Store only, or at least until the new PwnageTool gets out.



1. unregistered

i knew it!!! Total craphone... they've released 2.0 and few weeks later comes an update RLOL. Gimme a reason to buy this piece of *apples*. Damn overhyped peach

22. unregistered

ha ha ha ... LOL

27. TNT unregistered

yeah d|_|mb5}{it. You don't have to jailbrake your phone

34. TouchProMoFo unregistered

2.0.1 has directional GPS, meaning turn by turn navigation is now a possibility. Just wait until TomTom gets their hands on an SDK, you all will have 1 less thing to rag on the iPhone about.

41. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

You are stupid. I think it's great that the company cares about their iPhone customers by releasing these updates that fix and improve the phone. Think before you act dumbass.

42. arcano

Posts: 3; Member since: Aug 04, 2008

Right on man, right on!

2. unregistered

At least they've already worked out new firware to take care of the problems, what more can you ask for idiot

29. unregistered

I've already found it. It's called HTC Touch Diamond... open your eyes fanboy (i hate that word)

39. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

Really how have you found it if the HTC Diamond is not available yet? How's the idiot/fanboy now?

46. unregistered

You know, there is such a thing as being an HTC fanboy too. And besides, this device is not perfect, there are many other reviews that gave the Diamond poor ratings.

53. unregistered

actually it is :D

55. unregistered

Well, did u have the device? I suggest NOT :) And to #43, lol check your info again - The Diamond was released in May - Who's the idiot now?

3. unregistered

Apple Rules!!! iPhone is not perfect but is very good!!! On the moment is the best mobile phone on the market. I appreciate more been using apple and have a fix some weeks after I buy the product, than have a product who never have a fix, like Windows Mobile or Vista. I am a happy ex windows mobile user. Never more I will want to return to the dark side. :-) Only use Apple or Linux. No more Windoburcccckk!!! ;-) Sorry windows fans!

36. unregistered

While you are entitled to your opinion as to the iphone being the best mobile phone on the market. I have to disagree and say that the Nokia N-series and latest E-series devices are the best devices currently on the market. The iphone is still lacking basic functions, even after the release of a second version, that the vast majority of low end phones have. The N-series, for example the N95 has all the same capabilities of the iphone but adds picture messaging, a 5 megapixel autofocus carl zeiss lense, and VGA video recording at 30 fps. Sorry, but the iphone still needs to play catch up to stand on the same level capability wise. I will admit the iphones touchscreen technology is amazing, other than that though its lacking in many areas.

43. arcano

Posts: 3; Member since: Aug 04, 2008

I don't get why some people write reviews just to dis something, you know? i think that its just stupid. and aren't we getting a little of topic seeing that these are reviews about a software update?

47. unregistered

Well PhoneArena did that to the LG Secret.

52. unregistered

I must say, when I first bought my iPhone it was perfect. Everything I waited for. But I am very disapointed with 2.0 release. I should have known better, but was to excited. Mr Jobs almost won a fan, but he will now have to try harder.

4. JC unregistered

Iphone sucks

5. unregistered

you suck

6. unregistered

yeah i have to agree Iphone Sucks and ATT& super sucks lol they have upgrade it to 3g now you only get maybe 2 or 3 hours on the phone unless you turn 3g off than whats the point?

7. unregistered

Really???? Amazing!!! Fantastic!!! 3 Hours??? I must complain with Apple. My with 3G on all day and PUSH active last for more than 7 hours of usage and 12h15m Standby. If you give me a email I send you a photo. That is the best battery life you have on a 3G model. I have on my country (not USA) 3G for some time. Never seen a device working so good on 3G. But if you think you got better good for you, do not wake up!

14. unregistered

I have the LG Dare from Verizon and it has 3g...How come the battery last me 2 full days? 3g is always on

16. unregistered

LG: That could happen only because you are not using 3G data connection intensive. In my iPhone 3G, if I only use it for some calls, some internet navigation, same emails and some apps, everything without intensive use ,in the end of the day I have 50% battery. But try put some PUSH on your LG and lets see how your battery can take. 3G if not used is not spensive, only when you are always using it. Others: Now lets talk about this upgrade. Everything works faster. I only upgraded a few hours. Must test more. Until know not a problem. But if you are Vodafone, you could have a problem after update to update your carrier settings. Not a problem, everything works well. 3G ok, calls Ok, Data Ok. The settings are the help number for contact your carrier. For what I see is that thing he is trying to update. Cheers!

18. unregistered

Upgrade yourself. I mean YOURself! Haha

23. unregistered

Yeah so true I have dare too! APPLE sucks!

44. arcano

Posts: 3; Member since: Aug 04, 2008

hey apple is the best name in MP3 players and even if u think that their phone sucks u have to give them credit for at least trying to make it in the phone business. personally i think that iphone is the best, the only reason most other phones are good is because they ripped of apple's original design and then "improved" the features.

57. unregistered

Apple is not the best name, it is the most popular name. Best and popular are NOT the same thing.

58. unregistered

And I don't know if you know this, but Apple "copied" LG when LG released the LG Prada, both in physical design and the GUI (four main icon controls at the bottom of the screen). Motorola released the first touchscreen phone in 1993, and they have made them ever since. HAVEN'T YOU EVER WATCHED AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER?

8. unregistered

The iphone is the most overhyped piece of shit in the mobile world. So many phones that are better, and don't crack on the back or freeze up a ton. Apple has way to much control over these things, wouldn't be suprised if they are monitoring people. Cause they can do that.. I will stick with other phones, Apple sucks and always has.

33. unregistered

Best mobile phone on the North American market today... Everyone wants to point at the Diamond like they know something, well it's not coming until September 2nd on Sprint and a month later for Verizon... I have GSM, and I'm waiting it out for a while to get a Touch Pro... I'll most likely cook up my own ROM so I can use it in the states with 3G before release, but you can't say there's a better "bang-for-your-buck" solution than the iPhone right now.

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