Apple receives patent on the design of the iPhone/iPod

Apple receives patent on the design of the iPhone/iPod
Apple has just received protection from the design of the iPhone and iPod getting ripped off by another company.The Cupertino based firm has received a design hardware patent that protects the "ornamental design" of the devices. The question now is how strictly will Apple use this protection. Since the first-gen iPhone was launched in 2007, the slate design of the handset has been used in many other touchscreen phones although it will be up to Apple to decide how close to the iPhone the competition has to be to get the iPhone maker's legal team prepared for battle. Once Apple does take legal action against a company, it will then be up to the court to make the final determination as to whether there was infringement against the patent. As usual, it means a potential raise for all of the lawyers involved.

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source: Gizmodo

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