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  • Apple projected to sell 28 million iPads and 52 million iPhones next year

Apple projected to sell 28 million iPads and 52 million iPhones next year

Apple projected to sell 28 million iPads and 52 million iPhones next year
A bank analyst from UBS has projected some mind-blowing sales for Apple's most sought-after gadgets next year. In 2011, he thinks that the iPad will sell in 28 million units, and the iPhone will total $52 million pieces moved off the shelves. The iPad sales volumes are already beginning to worry the PC industry, as it is biting not only from the netbook, but also from the laptop market.

The analyst goes on to raise the target stock price tp $350, praising Apple's spirit of innovation, but it is unclear if he is including an eventual next version of the iPhone next summer, or the calculations are based solely on the existing iPhone 4. In both cases, we can only agree that Apple will be posting record earnings for a few more quarters now.

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source: BGR

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:48

1. phone333 (Posts: 331; Member since: 04 Feb 2009)

With the growing Android platform and those Super Amoled Galaxy S devices, that might not be the case.

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 15:26

2. derp (unregistered)

im not an fan of apple products or the company in general, but the iphone beats the living crap out of those horrible android turds.

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 15:48

3. mastertoothpick (unregistered)

your moms a turd

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 16:31

4. goddamn (unregistered)

^I feel dumber for having read your comment.

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 16:53

5. applesr4eating (Posts: 32; Member since: 01 Jul 2010)

The success of the iMaxi is merely the iSheep paying homage to their master. I swear I couldn't afford to be an iSheep even if I liked their over priced products. The Android tablet makers who look at the iMaxi sales and started producing tablets will soon find out there is no tablet market. The iPhone sales projectiions are way off, Android sales have grown almost 500% in one year. You can get android phones for any carrier you like without being stuck with AT&T's crappy network at any level from really cheap to extreme high end on any network, well you can't get the high end stuff on AT&T. I can't wait to get my hands on my brand new Droid X next Tuesday, goodbye AT&T. I think at best the iMaxi represents a evolution in Netbooks and laptops. I would like to see a multi-touch screen laptop that could be swiveled into a tablet PC. HP had a few non multi-touch PC-tablets out a few years ago.

posted on 09 Sep 2010, 18:52

6. Hen (unregistered)

You need to tone down your iHate lol. Android has definitely grown rapidly but Apple and their iOS products are still selling in record numbers here in the states and worldwide. Their profits have been off the charts almost each quarter and they are still growing very strong. He might be basing his numbers off the expectation that AT&T will loose its exclusive agreement and that we will see the iPhone on all carriers in the coming year which is not too hard to believe. Secondly, just cause you don't like the iPhone and don't want to buy one does not give you the right to hate on people who decided to spend their hard earned money on what they want. They are no more of a sheep than you are for riding Androids jock. You like what you like and thats it but why all the drama and emotion while posting? The one thing I am starting to see more and more often is that many Android users are too obsessed with Apple. How about spending more time talking about your device than an Apple product for once. This is starting to get insane.

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