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Apple may have to pony up about $500 million in settlements in a price-fixing case

0. phoneArena posted on 26 Jul 2013, 08:54

It was back in April last year when the US Department of Justice filed charges with Apple and several book publishers, such as Penguin and Simon & Schuster...

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posted on 26 Jul 2013, 09:54 8

1. aviatorarun (Posts: 10; Member since: 29 Mar 2011)

I think Apple should come forward and accept what they have done and go for a fair settlement. Apple always have the history of dragging their mistakes and making it more ugly and embarrassing themselves.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 10:35 2

2. sprockkets (Posts: 1611; Member since: 16 Jan 2012)

"Innocent until proven guilty, remember?"

Already proven guilty, DUH, remember?

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 12:02 3

3. ZeroCide (Posts: 785; Member since: 09 Jan 2013)

LOL!! deny deny deny.... the Apple motto. "It never happened nothing to see here. Move along people".

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 13:46 1

4. deadstroke (Posts: 113; Member since: 22 Jan 2013)

ha ha ha poor apple

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 15:08 1

5. tedkord (Posts: 13776; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

Yeah, we already have a verdict. Guilty. Once that happens, regardless of upcoming appeals, you can do the word "alleged."

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 15:50 2

6. roscuthiii (Posts: 2233; Member since: 18 Jul 2010)

Thank you.

Not sure where Chis P. gets this line from: "Regardless, until an official verdict is out, we'll have to wait and see. Innocent until proven guilty, remember?"

If there's no verdict, then what the hell is Apple appealing?!

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