Apple is #3 manufacturer by revenue according to Steve Jobs

Apple announced during its quarterly conference call that it has already surpassed its goal of 10 million iPhone sales in the calendar year of 2008...
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1. Big Moe unregistered

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Just rename the website to That way, when Apple and At&t send you free phones, you won't need to promote the "sack" that you've so elegantly placed on your chins! Go VZW!!

2. unregistered


3. unregistered

Considering how many new phone with touch interfaces are coming out and the fact apple did very little to improve their device i expext fourth quarter earnings to fall...the g1, blackberry storm, new htc touch phones, rumors of lg touch phones and motorola starting to get in on the action... its simply a matter of time... everyone loved it because of the touch screen and the smoothness of surfing the web... well other companies took notice and pushed the technology further and apple added an extra 8 gigs storage... the storm is rumored to have just as good of a touch screen with a better resolution and the g1 is rumored to have a better browser...

4. unregistered


5. unregistered

that was a very long burn

6. Guitar Guy unregistered

Wow, you all are extremely pathetic and I pity your ignorance. The iPhone has a lower return rate than any phone on the market no to mention much higher customer satisfaction. I have seen even the most dedicated of Microsoft fans and the best of Verizon sales people state that nothing compares to the hardware, OS, and browser on the iPhone nor the widest range of customer appeal. And as you poor souls are most likely the same that incessantly whine about Verizon and Sprint network speed being faster in truth the advertise their maximum attainable bandwith and AT&T advertises their average bandwith because the best don't have to brag. In truth AT&T's HSDPA is comparable to Sprint's new WiMax. Watch out for the impending LTE!

7. unregistered

umm... no... regarding the iphone... "highest customer satisfaction" with buggy software, unatainable 3g, when the phone switches back to edge... and the fact that at&ts 3g is in 3rd place for coverage, and 3rd place for average speeds... mix that in with the fact that voice coverage is horrible on at&t... and you have a "real winner"

8. Guitar Guy unregistered

I am not sure where you are getting your "findings" but I'm sure you could also find someone on the internet who would tell you sleeping with HIV-ridden crack w****s is excellent for you...LOL.

9. unregistered

WOW!!! you get burned, and then you try burning the other guy by bringing up some random info. #9 is right, so go guitar guy, how about you go back to playing guitar hero instead of doing your social studies homework. im surprised you were able to use that language considering your mom probably set up parental controls on your computer.

12. Guitar Guy unregistered

I have had this username for ever but I just so happen to be a manager for one of the wireless carriers, bet you can figure out who eh? LOL. I apologize for the "burn", at times I do enjoy embracing the random more harsh forms of humor. I would still love for him to actually post who he was referencing.

26. unregistered

as i stated in my earlier comment(4) the iphone does have good features but it hasnt changed.. could you please post the source that says the Iphone has the lowest return rate and then explain since it is only available with att how we compare it against phones on other carriers.. I mean i can make up random stats all day and bend the numbers to my point of view but id rather see cold hard facts.. Not someone somewhere that has seen the iphone says this or that.. and if you really want to get me started on advertising lets talk about ATT claiming they had the lowest dropped calls and then couldnt replicate the tests... Time after time it was verizon not att with the lowest dropped calls(independant tests) and ATT finally stopped playing the commercials... I believe the oringinal test ATT or Cingular was claiming took place in either 2004 or 2005.. Come on prove me wrong "guitar guy".. lets play... and just so you know HSDPA doesnt touch WiMax speeds... And to make it clear Im one of those verizon "fan boys"... But speaking of HSDPA and yes it has the ability to be faster than evdo rev A but isnt available in a wide market area... As the president for ATT said their next move is to update the network and expand HSDPA before LTE is even out(the next two years).. We could also go into the class action suit against ATT for misrepresenting their 3 g coverage but i believe this has probably been of enough of one of those"harsh forms of humor" you enjoy...douche

10. Big Moe unregistered

In regards to customer satisfaction. Since Sprint's changes, At&t has had the worst customer satisfaction of ALL carriers. I've always said that the iPhone as a product is a good product. However, the iPhone as a service is different. The functionality of the iPhone, in my opinion, is hard to beat. For now. Soon, with the release of the Storm, Omnia, and Touch, the iPhone will not stand out and it will soon be considered outdated simply because of the service it carries. Try buying a Ferrari with a Chevy Aveo engine. That's a contradicting situation...

11. Guitar Guy unregistered

As far as customer ratings go, AT&T has the "high end" of the market with it's customer base mostly middle to upper class and is held to a much higher standard. The Sprint customer satisfaction ratings you are speaking of are only 1 part of the four different areas that a mobile company is rated in customer service. AT&T loses less customers to other carriers than anyone excluding T-Mobile now. As far as the new phones coming out, I am an avid fan of RIM phones which, btw, AT&T has signed the 9500 Thunder which is set to come out first quarter as well as a few other touch PDAs but unfortunately, even though some phones including our new i907 Epix "Blackjack III" have faster processors the heat/touch sensing hardware and software interface is far superior to the pressure sensative/Touchflo Microsoft interface and the Storm and Thunder do not have multi-touch. AT&T will carry the best touch phone line up of any carrier, the only PDA they haven't signed that I can think of is the X1 and there are rumors...

13. unregistered

Like Big Moe said, buying a Ferrari with a chevy aveo engine. They can have the "best line up of any carrier" but it doesn't matter too much if you're not the best carrier.

14. Guitar Guy unregistered

We cover cities the best, we aren't the best all of the time for farmers and hicks. However, having the best developed network for the areas the count with the best voice quality over our umts towers that can also simultaneously stream data to the phones...something only AT&T can do...with the fastest technology for data I would say is something worth bragging about...not to mention that we have more data customers pulling on our towers than anyone else by far and we still keep our speeds up.

15. DamonO unregistered

Once again you make all of these claims but nothing to back it up. Hey guys, I'm the strongest guy in the world. How do you know? Because I said so.

18. unregistered

Guitar Guy, you are out of your mind

19. unregistered

21. vzw fanboy unregistered

id rather have a phone say the logo verizon with the check mark than at&t with a blue striped ball lol.

16. harper unregistered

Anyone please tell me if/when iphone will be coming to Verizon? I know there have been rumors taht its coming to MacWorld but any other inside scopp anyone knows? THANKS

17. Big Moe unregistered

ATTENTION AT&T CUSTOMERS: PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT! First of all, I'm all for a little friendly debate. I don't think I will ever be able to change people's minds. I do believe that there is a truth out there that most people are unaware of. For instance, we have all seen the commercial where At&t claims to have the best coverage. We have not all seen the fine print that says "based on global coverage". Now, statistics say that 80% of Americans will never travel globally. So to me, the message that At&t is putting out there, is kind of misleading. I mean, there's a reason At&t was required to include that in the fine print. Why? Because they don't have the best coverage where 80% spend their whole life! I could be wrong. Another example, "the fewest dropped calls". The only thing wrong with that statement, again only in my opinion, is the fact that in all surveys that i've read from JDPower to ACSI, Verizon Wireless ranked the highest. It appears to be that At&t is not exactly what it advertises itself to be. Have fun with that Aveo powered service...! Go VZW!!!

20. Guitar Guy unregistered

Did you seriously consider that "phonesreview" site to be your official source??? All of these sites are entirely subjective and biased towards one carrier or the other and the only trend I have seen this far is that everyone is bound and determined to make any phone that comes along better than the iPhone. The truth is this, AT&T picked up over 2 million customers from other carriers because of the iPhone, half of those were Verizon, and probably around 30% of the Sprint Instincts that were sold have been returned when customers switched to AT&T to buy the iPhone because every one of them that has owned both knows which is better. The G1 (T-Mobile) is a piece of trash as far as hardware is concerned and the software is experimental and the yet to come Storm (Verizon) and Thunder (AT&T) from RIM still fall short as far as user friendliness goes.

23. unregistered

the thunder is the storm...att is gettin the bold. so im sorry no touchscreen BB for you!

24. unregistered

They make the switch for the phone, not the network, bottom line. They sold their souls to bring the iphone to their network. Go read some surveys based from JDpower, a widely respected source, and you will see AT&T is ranked consistently at the bottom in overall service. 22,000 customers took these surveys. Now, who are we really going to believe? Stick to Guitar Hero buddy.

27. unregistered

guitar guy or douche as i named you before in the other thread... where is your proof the storm is coming to ATT... I really would like to see it...

22. unregistered

the jitterbugs are awesome

25. unregistered

JD POWER???? Isn't that the same company that named the 2004 Ford Turas as the car of the Year?? I didn't realize people still vauled there option.

28. unregistered

OMG all you haters need to get a life. this atricle is based on facts.... not opinion... the iphone is the shizznit! i have it and i love it. no dropped calls, fast internet, i used to have verizon a few months ago so i'm comparing the 2. the things this phone can do are endless... the app store makes the phone so versitile. i've never once paid for an application and my phone does more than any phone verizon has or will ever come out with. verizon will cripple any phone they get with their horrible UI... sorry guys but if verizon had an iphone all you haters would be standing in line to get it lol

30. unregistered

no believes what you say when you can't spell right...

29. unregistered

Gee, Apple has 3rd highest revenue of these companies? wonder were they are out of the cell phone market? gotta be within the top 5... It isn't like there laptops and iPod dont cost twice what they must to manufacture.....
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