Apple iPhone sales down 6.2 million in Q2

We all know that iPhone sales tend to take a dive in the leadup to a new announcement from Apple, and according to DigiTimes Research, it has happened again. Apparently, compared to Q1 of 2013, Apple's iPhone sales were down by 6.2 million devices in Q2; and, revenue was down pretty big as well...
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25. joey_sfb

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leave them alone.. there plenty of android related news you can post.

27. LiquidGalaxy

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Dude - i really hope you're no older than 6..

29. darkkjedii

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We have jobs, lives, and girlfriends too. We use our iPhones to set up dates, and stuff like that, we go to dinner movies, and cuddle. We don't sit in our room running benchmarks all nite, bothering people about what phones they have.

36. androidfanboy

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No one cares

31. LumiaLover

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37. androidfanboy

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Grow up

26. Kishin

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38. androidfanboy

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Dude I really hope you shut your mouth before I shut it for you
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