Apple iPhone X receives FCC certification

With pre-orders for the Apple iPhone X starting in 22 days, and the launch taking place (at least for now) on November 3rd, the tenth anniversary iPhone has finally been certified by the FCC. That action allowed Apple to remove the disclaimer from its website that said it could not sell or lease the device without receiving authorization from the government regulatory agency. A trio of iPhone X models now have the green light to be offered for sale in the states...
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34. kiko007

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I don't give a shit about them because they don't post thesis-length, typo-filled manifests about how a company ruined society. Also whoever the hell you're talking (Apple-Rulz) about hasn't told me to get struck by lightning or die yet, so they're not on my shit list... unlike your boy XPtheGOAT. I fully plan exposing his stupid/sexist/slightly autistic ass no matter which shitty username he adopts to lurk here. Also with how sad this dude's life must be to need two accounts on a fucking phone forum, he should be thanking me for calling attention to him. After all... that's likely the only reason he came back: attention. Seriously, I wish I had that kinda time on my hands, these desk jobs are super tedious.

37. darkkjedii

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Let it go bruh, it ain't that serious. As I said, hella people here have multiple accounts.

21. jeroome86

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Ha ha. I was kind of wondering if it could be. Still not sure. Wonder where he’s been all this time? @kiko007

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