Apple iPhone 6s prototype benchmarked on Geekbench?; 2GB of RAM and tri-core 1.5GHz CPU on board

An Apple iPhone 6s prototype has allegedly been benchmarked by Geekbench. Powered by the tri-core CPU on the Apple A9, the phone scored a single-core number of 1811 and a multi-core score of 4577. That blew some Android handsets, like the HTC One M9, out of the water. The current HTC flagship scored a single-core result of 1232 with a 3587 multi-core score...
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50. Ordinary

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Do you realize that GeekBench only benchmark CPU and not RAM? lol

26. baldilocks

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29. jeroome86

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Wait for a final review. Like to see some more Note 5 tests too. One I seen show a low single core performance that sounded off.

32. cncrim

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3 more weeks we know everything about it.

45. legiloca

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POPCORN anyone?

51. brasstax

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Friends.. The following is the real deal.. 110% accurate.. IPhone 6s - 1.5 ghz dual core(actual speed 1.466ghz), 1.5gb ram, 10.2mp camera with dual flash, no ois, no split screen multitasking, no force touch IPhone 6s plus - 1.2 GHz tricore, 2gb ram, 12mp camera with ois and dual flash, no split screen multitasking, limited force touch functions that are camera centric Oh.. And the front snapper on both phones is going to be really good.


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OMG Apple 2GB Ram and Tri Core Cpu........damn Apple you are really innovating!

55. mafiaprinc3

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I'm gonna go ahead and accept this as sarcasm

58. AlikMalix unregistered

How do you explain then that with these specs, iPhone is beating phones that have 3-4GB and 8-cores? is that not innovating enough? Why cant Android phones run this fast with only 2GB and only 3Core CPU? And dont give me that Android is so much advanced when I've seen jailbroken S4 splitscreen run smooth, and I can switch apps faster on my 5S than you can on Note 4...

59. mafiaprinc3

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Android is a memory hog, this is painfully but slowly being addressed by google, in the same breath iOS does not handle multitasking like Android. Tri-core and 2gb ram is not innovation it's just the first for an iPhone

63. kryme

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Well with 750p and just basic functions like calculator and alarm feature yes it will show great numbers... But why u think split view will never go to the iPhone 6.. Its because it has no real processor power to handle real work. So if all your phone can do is add 2+2 and wake u up at 6 in the morning then a dual core processor is too much.. Y'all could run smooth on a .5 core prolly get a few error using the calculator app but I'm sure y'all will forgive apple

64. AlikMalix unregistered

I have a question, what do you find beneficial from "true" multitasking on a phone? (Mulitwindow set aside). Because there are videos that show iPhone to be faster at switching between opened apps than note 4 or nexus (see phonebuff). If you really think that iPhone is JUST a calculator app and alarm clock you're pure IGNORANT. my phone runs several things in background, including constant tracking of my family members, playin music, lip dating webpages, and exchanging files with my hard drive at home while I'm away. There isn't one time when i thought that I need something ran in background that Apple already doesn't. I get it you got split window on some phones, but just because iPhones don't have it - does not mean that the hardware can't handle it as it is proves that even jail broken iPhone 4s runs multiwindow smooth and modern iPhones are miles faster than the old 4s. Is saying "multitasking" really just a bragging terms? Like security on android and all this time there was (and still is) "Stage fright" And resolution? Come on... My 2 year iPhone screen on the 5s is freaken sharp. The ONLY Time you're gonna convince me that some android with higher resolution is sharper is when you put them side by side and even at that it's so minimal that if I pull back my head - the difference "poof" disappears. The way I see it resolution specs are also JUST bragging words. See, you force me to diss on android when you post something stupid by saying that iPhone is only a calculator.

68. Ordinary

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iPhone doesnt multi-task and it doesnt run much background apps like android does. Note 4 and Nexus has real multi-task, iPhone freeze apps when they are not used. I cant agree with that since ios8 made my 4S pretty much unusable but now I am on 4g on ios 7 and its little bit better. So ios doesnt have security issues? Resolution matters a lot in GPU tasking, iPhone 5s with 640p simply cant be sharper than 1440p or 1080p. Try to put it "back to back" lol and see the difference. It isnt really bragging when eventually in future phones will have 4k, 8k and so on. 10 years people were saying that 560p or 720p is too much yet now 95% of phones has that and much higher. Technology moves forward. Altough I agree that if you are gamer resolution like 1440p can give your problems if GPU is weak but S6 has awesome GPU to work with that resolution so it performs great.

69. AlikMalix unregistered

All I'm saying is, there's extreemly very few real world needs that make use of multitasking... the most frequient and useful reason for multitasking is to switch between apps FAST - well, my iphone 5s switches between opened apps as fast as a Note4, so what ever apple is doing - it's doing it right. iOS does have security issues, but they get patched within a week or two...if Blackberry or WP had enough marketshare to matter - they would have security exploit news just as frequent as Android and iOS... Yes if you put my 5s next to LGG3 - you can tell the difference (but that difference disapates when you hold the phones arms lenght from eyes). What I'm saying is what's the point, if my 5s is sharp - I cannot tell the pixels that form letters and tiny objects. The ONLY real use I've seen from high resolution screens on phones is to use it as an excuse why your 8cores are running barely faster than iphones dual core CPU (see posts above)... I'd rather have performance than nearly inconceivable visual difference. And regarding Gaming, there was an article that outlines that Developers do NOT take advantage of High resolutions and just blur the pixels in - so you dont really see the difference but your resourse still feel it... Ordinary, I respect your posts, and I'm pretty sure you have uses for multitasking that probably involves 1% of nerds (not an insult), but iPhone handles everything you need running in background and suspends things you dont. I'm not saying one is more superior than other, all I'm saying is one handles real world tasks different from another. Apple just manages to deliver real world needs (just like Android) but with much less resourses - does NOT make it outdated, but in contrary makes the OS more advanced because it CAN real world handle tasks smoothly with much limited resourses than you can find on Flagship Android devices... The point i'm trying to make is: even if there's a tiny hamster running on a wheel but my phone is smooth - than you cannot consider that outdated since it runs just as smooth as a super computer that is in other devices.... What real world conscutive tasks that you run on your phone everyday? For me, it's: track my family/kids, mind my location - in order to provide location based reminders/notifications, at the same time, play music, search the web (while updating other browser tabs), while syncing my files with hardrive at home, while navigating me to a destination and recognize when I leave my vehicle and start walking to provide "walking" directions automatically.... I've enen played music using an app that compiles YouTube videos into a playlist, while the phone was INSTALLING an update. I currently have about 30-40 apps open (suspended or running), my Safari Browser always has about 20 tabs loaded (and updated in real time). And with all that, some are games that continue playing as soon as you comeback to it WITHOUT RELOADING.. All smooth, and on 5s... You?

76. Ordinary

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Switching between apps is not same like multi-task. iPhone doesnt freeze all native apps and processes but it does every other 3rd party app. Note 4 uses real multitasking like explained at presentation. All apps are updated in real-time. On my iphone 4 when i run stopwatch and when i move to other app and get back to stopwatch i see a little delay cause it freezes it. On any android app will continue running until you close it. To explain it better if you have 1gb of ram and lets say you have open 4 apps and each one uses 250mb of ram if you open one more app one of them would either close or freeze to reduce its memory. Thats why android uses more memory cause of that not cause ios is somehow super optimized. Same thing is for pc's. I use my s4 mostly for music, facebook, instagram, transfering files to pc, web, youtube and gps. I do all of them simultaneously. Especially surfing web and watching youtube (multi-window). When I watch youtube and i am on some crappy network then i watch at 720p resolution and when i go back at native 1080p i see it a lot sharper. Not all devs use native resolution of 1440p but rather upscaled altough in some gamed you have a option to play at native resolution. iOS uses metal on some games and thats why those games appear sharper cause of different texture filtering. iPhone is not outdated but compared to android in features it doesnt have as much as android. Maybe you dont believe me but ask others. I use both iphone and android and android feels much more like a PC os which to me is number one deal. I explained above, I can do same and more on android hence more ram. I can download/install apps, extract rar files, copy files to sd, watch youtube and surf web (multi-window), go on and check whats new on facebook/instagram without my apps closing or need to reload. Curently I have 56 processes running in the background while only browser is open. I dont know how you manage to have 20 tabs open in safari when i can barely open 3 with iphone 4 having tremendous lag unless sites that are open are using low memory cause usually it will crash tabs due to memory overload.

80. ibend

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not surprise since each core they use is really huge and have much more transistor than any android processor but hope their battery can keep up with it (samsung's 14nm tech may slightly increase power efficiency though)

86. Freecableguy

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Apple A9 vs Mongoose Exynos vs Kirin 950 vs NUNCLUN 2 vs Apple A8 vs Exynos 7420
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