Apple iPhone 5 interface walkthrough

The iPhone 5 is the first iPhone with a screen larger than 3.5 inches. Because of this, both Apple and developers have had to tweak their software so that it takes advantage of the bigger display. But while it'll certainly take some time for developers to update all their apps, Apple has of course made sure to optimize its software. What changes has the new screen size caused? Well, it'd be a bit of an overstatement if we say that there's anything groundbreaking, but the phone has certainly become even more functional and easy to use because of this...
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Apple following Androids footsteps. And they still call this innovation and Evolution. There unwise consumers.

12. darkkjedii

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If I leave a comment, do u promise to thumb it down?


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Depends on what you say?

36. darkkjedii

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K ill watch it jus for u bro


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Cool bro. +1 from me on comment 30&31

40. darkkjedii

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Thanx bro much appreciated.

9. AlexYouOC

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Should've just linked to a walkthrough article made for the iPhone in 07..... same thing

10. xray174

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man this most be boring watching the same damn icons for 5 years.. Or u trying to show us that ios hasnt changer much in 5years .

11. LumiaLover

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Boring boring never changes. Apple are pushing out the same old garbage boring, uncustomisable UI. Not to mention launching such an expensive phone in full knowledge of the faults. Apple don't care about anything or anyone...just their profits. I find it really sad that Apple fans can't see this, and when I see pictures of the first people coming out of stores whooping and cheering like they've just made an incredible achievement, it makes me want to puke.

13. darkkjedii

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Nice walkthrough ray. There's some sweet additions in iOS 6. I love the do not disturb feature, didn't think I'd use it. That feature alone has improved my sleep big time. Love the fact that its automatic too. Also the deep Facebook, and twitter integration is sweet too, makes it a lot easier to handle my posting needs and keep doing what I'm doing. Looking forward to iOS 6.1.

23. nofear

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Da! put your phone on silence mode. done.

27. darkkjedii

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Duhhh that was my point in mentioning it being automatic dude. I don't want to have to manually put my phone in silent and manually turn the sound back on. I notice in the iPhone gnote2 comparison that Samsung has implemented this future also, so duhhhh

28. darkkjedii

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17. TheDarkKnight

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Guys ios 6 is not bad at all. I can't believe that widgets and few moving LWPs are luring you towards android. Maps is getting better and will awesome In a year, bugs will also be fixed. Ios has the largest music store on the planet and that is iTunes, cool apps and games come first to ios and then they come to android. Ios has an awesome apps store with a huge number of apps. Ios games have better gpu optimization then. Infact ios devices have the best graphics on a mobile device. Ios is fast, super fluid and user friendly. Though I must accept the UI needs a refresh. Ios has deeper fb and twitter integration than the competition.

20. darkkjedii

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Well said bro. I don't even know y folks wanna make it a competition, when these OS's obviously cater to two different crowds android for techies, iOS for mainstream and a few like myself like both. The insults, and bashing people for their choice is soooo tired, and unnecessary


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Wisely and well said! +1

32. Aeires unregistered

Except they don't. There's no way on earth you're going to convince people that 60%+ of the population with smart phones are all techies. Techies are a minority. People buy Android for the openness and freedom of customizing your phone to be the way you want it to be, and for the Google experience, which some prefer much more than iTunes. It's not all just LWP and widgets, it's a lot bigger than that. I do agree, both phones cater to different crowds. It's just not techies vs. the rest though.

33. darkkjedii

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Your rite, it's not just techies vs the rest that was kinda generalizing it, but u see where I'm coming from though. iOS needs a refresh... I'm the first to admit that, but its designed the way it is for a reason and that reason is simplicity geared towards mainstream usage, where as android is geared towards the more tech based crowed. Even android is starting to simplify its OS though, and attracting more people as a result. In general as things become easier to use, more people catch on and use it. iOS has purposely designed its platform this way, and has phenomenal success as a result. Better than android? No, less than android? No, jus different by design, not incompetence.

18. Savage unregistered

A mobile operating system which has had next to no major UI changes since the past 5 years does not need a walkthrough. Not to mention, its the easiest to use. The real point of writing the article? Trying to desperately glorify an over-hyped device and its relatively smaller amount of new features.

19. darac

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Ray, it's painfully obvious that you did this only as an excuse to lash out the iPhone praise in a cheer girl manner.. seriously degrading this site.

22. darkkjedii

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It's painfully obvious that, that's your opinion dude. This guy is at work earning a living, this is what he does. I've seen PA praise android, and windows as well As iOS. Why don't you just allow the iPhone and iOS to be part of the tech world and part of the tech sites just like android Windows BlackBerry Symbian and Motorola are. It's obvious painfully obvious that you probably hate iOS and iPhone but like it or not iOS and iPhone are part of the tech world and it deserves it's time and it's exposure just like android just like BlackBerry just like windows and just like all these other platforms and phones do as well. I enjoy reading pieces on iOS I enjoy reading pieces on android I enjoy reading pieces on windows as well as all of tech you need to realize that there are a lot of iPhone and iOS fans that come on this site just like you and they deserve just like you to read about their chosen platform also

24. darkkjedii

Posts: 30899; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Also you said that it's seriously degrading this site. This site is built to take on users and users opinions and users comments, don't you think it would seriously degrade the site if they completely shut down any discussion about Apple iPhone iPad iPod and iOS? Don't you think if all of a sudden the millions of Apple and iOS fans that visit this site every day never came to it don't you think that would Seriously degrade the site. This site is a business dude you need to understand that this site is in the business of tech and iOS/iPhone is part of tech you don't want to lose millions of people because a few disgruntled android users don't want to read about iOS. If you don't want to read about iOS then just don't click on the article, But we know you're going to click on the article because you just want to insult Apple users and bash Apple and iOS so we know you're going to click on article

35. darac

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You couldn't be more wrong about me. And it is painfully obvious you are pretty clueless and naive. IOS is one polished, elegant, charming, warm and subtle looking piece of software. For majority of casual users it is a great, probably the best experience IMHO. IPhone? Overall, I say(and I said it on the day of release also ) it is probably the best apple product yet (along with the latest iPod touch and Mac book pro ), really a triumphant piece of technology, design, and construction . For average person it is hands down the best phone right now..if we take aside the value for money ratio. How about that, eh? You have a lot to learn my friend.

37. darkkjedii

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Wowww bro! I stand corrected, IF those r your true thoughts, and I don't know u to say that they aren't.

38. darkkjedii

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But how is it degrading the sight though?

45. darac

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Come on, dude, a) just look at how it is written - wonderful this wonderful that..completely unprofessional, especially in the context of the article b) making an Iphone 5 OS walkthrough at this point, after more than three weeks ?!? EVERYTHING has been said and written about that, across hundreds of web pages in short few days after the release

50. darkkjedii

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Ok I give u unnecessary, but not degrading. Cool?

55. TheDarkKnight

Posts: 88; Member since: Oct 12, 2012

Don't get ur hands dirty arguing with these guys, darkkjedii. They are droid fans, they have been hypnotized by google. They can't be neutral like us.

56. chaoticrazor

Posts: 2347; Member since: Aug 28, 2012

mate why , your comment is unnecessary and just you trying to stir up something no ones been hypnotized by google, and darkkjedi and you arent neutral

58. rusticguy

Posts: 2828; Member since: Aug 11, 2012

I am looking at the "dark" side of their neutrality. Incidentaly (or coincidently) both neutral individuals have "dark" in the screen name ... :)
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