Apple gains patent for embedding sapphire displays into LiquidMetal chassis

A new patent sounds like the beginnings of an Apple fan's dream iPhone, but we have at least one concern with the line of thinking that is present in the filing. Today, Apple was granted a patent that had been filed back in 2008 titled "Methods and systems for integrally trapping a glass insert in a metal bezel", but in plain English, it is a plan to embed a sapphire display into a LiquidMetal chassis...
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7. nctx77

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I don't know about that phonearena. If you look at one of the schematics, it shows a ring around the back part. It could be a way to access the phones interior. Also, this was filed in 2008. Come on now, that was 6 years ago. Why all of a sudden would this be granted? Jus because there is plastic dummy units floating around, we have no idea what the iPhones final design will be.

9. Arte-8800

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10. networkdood

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Hey, ya never know....corporations already bribe Washington D.C. using lobbyists and millions of dollars...

15. Napalm_3nema

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In the tech industry, Apple is small potatoes on the lobbying front. Google is the heavyweight, as are Microsoft and Amazon. Apple spends almost nothing on it.

16. JewBakaUCFG

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It takes YEARS for a patent to be granted DUMB ASS!!! Do you raelize the Government patent office has to REVIEW all the patents submitted to them carefully before they grant the patent. Some companies can't wait this long and just put "Patent Pending" on their products and release them to the market to advice any would be copy cats that they filed the patent first and if someone does try to steal it, their patent will be approved first! Durrrrrrr... You shouldn't comment on forums if you're that stupid and or ignorant about how something works.

47. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

So the patent with a round smartwatch Samsung filed, was filed years ago? Wow

20. PBXtech

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From what I understand of it, Apple has sunk a lot of money and research into liquid metal. I don't have a problem with this patent, they should be protecting something unique like the use of liquid metal for displays.

21. StraightEdgeNexus

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Well look at all these comments, so technical.... Pathetic.

23. fzacek

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27. AeroPrime

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I cant believe this how could u patent that. This is not a new idea...omg

30. joey_sfb

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Apple patenting on the use of material? Seems like you can't manufacture anything without a patent these days. Soon we will be hearing about Apple patenting toilet seat and the use of paper.

44. racotu

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Look at your wall charger. you will find metal embedded in plastic, melted plastic injected around metal.... Somebody saw this as a method to keep a screen trapped into a metal frame. This is innovation? Hell No! The purpose of this patent filling is to protect intellectual property? No. The purpose is to keep othersaway to achieve something. Should this kind of patents granted. No Is not Apple fault. Patent regulations should be changed to prevent abuse and ensure a fair use.

46. RoundhouseMcGee

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I'm torn on this one. While I despise apple, the concept sounds amazing. Doubtful it could withstand one of my lightning fast patented roundhouse kicks though.

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