Apple forced to sell unlocked iPhones in France

Apple forced to sell unlocked iPhones in France
Apple signed on Tuesday a contract with Orange, France Telecom’s wireless unit, making the network carrier exclusive distributor of iPhone in France. Due to a special paragraph in the French law, which forbids the carrier-binding sale of a mobile device, the US company will be forced to offer an unlocked version of its popular phone. That agreement denies all past rumors that Apple’s device would not be released in France because of that peculiarity. The French customers will be able to choose between the locked Orange’s iPhone, costing €399 ($569) and the unlocked version, which price will be announced in November.

source: IHT via EngadgetMobile



1. Ken unregistered

Yeah Yeah, AT&T and Apple get a Smack up side the head from something big long and floppy. (And it aint the Eiffel Tower) Hee Hawww!

2. Kev unregistered

They'll probably just raise the price of the unlocked version so that it's so high, it won't make sense to want to buy it. I'm predicting double the price of the locked version?

3. 666 unregistered

Latest news is that the unlocked version will cost over €1000. That's not much cheaper than the locked version with a full contract worth of airtime. Not that it really matters. The disastrous SMS interface and lack of 3G will ensure the crrent iPhone model won't do well in Europe anyway. Lack of UMTS is a major mistake, because EDGE became obsolete in Europe before it even got started.

4. VanBoy unregistered

They don't really need to sell unlocked version because there's a hole in the French law. There's no requirement as to how many units they need to produce within a period of time for the customers. All they need to do is announced the unlock version then back order every order customer placed. The wait time can be from a few months to a year. HA HA. :)

5. Alex unregistered

Whats the big deal with hating on AT&T/Apple for their locking attempt/having exclusiveness here!?!? They didnt get smacked upside the head, they got their pockets fat.

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