Apple dethrones Gazprom for the most profitable corporate quarter in the history of mankind

We still live in the oil era, and know the extraction business is a good business, right? Case in point are the top 20 largest quarterly net profit amounts that companies have reported - 15 of them are coming from oil and gas companies. The rest is... a certain company in the "fickle" consumer electronics business. In fact, said gizmo maker occupies five of the top 10 slots in the largest quarterly profits ranking list...
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70. seven7dust unregistered

or maybe they just don't trust Samsung or Lg software and don't prefer the user expereince ,simple fact ! iPhone users don't like samsung software. just because the other guy has a big screen phone I might like but with laggy and buggy software, why should I agree that it's better and buy it ? you do realize that it's not just sales but Apple has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry as well. Apple's brand is trustworthy they support their products well beyond their life and improve them as time goes by. this is the main reason people are loyal to Apple.
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