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Apple copied us with gold Apple iPhone 5s hints Samsung

0. phoneArena posted on 29 Sep 2013, 00:34

Just a few days ago, Samsung announced that it would offer a gold Samsung Galaxy S4 model; this brought Apple fans to their collective feet, claiming that Samsung had copied the gold Apple iPhone 5s. The timing looked ad for the Korean based OEM. After all, just last week Apple asked its partners to increase production of the gold iPhone 5s by 33% because of strong demand for the unit...

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posted on 29 Sep 2013, 08:41

74. giani (Posts: 269; Member since: 13 Nov 2012)

There is no point in defending any one..mate seriously...the more competition the better..we need that..as far as I'm concerned on all this colour scheme saga...I COULD not give a flying fck about who came first or second. Point is we need competition..we need manufacturers to be driven to innovate and improve their products..That is why when berry went down it was a very sad day..the more manufacturers and platforms the better !..for us consumers..

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 00:47

4. Yubnub (Posts: 100; Member since: 23 May 2013)

Oh my....

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 00:55 1

5. madmikepr (Posts: 138; Member since: 09 Aug 2011)

let the war begin xD

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 00:57 1

6. N-fanboy (Posts: 543; Member since: 12 Jan 2013)

I don't get it! Why must it (either of what these co.s do) be dubbed copying from either of the two? lol

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 01:05 7

7. byazatt (Posts: 298; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

I'm bored of this 'you copied me ' nonsense. so we should not expect ois on iOS lest it be copying Nokia, metallic s5 it be a copy of HTC One or iPhone 5, 8 MP camera on HTC lest it be a copy of iPhone S3... ? nonsense

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 09:03 2

80. kabhijeet.16 (Posts: 813; Member since: 05 Dec 2012)

Exactly... I agree.. what copy-copy nonsense.. What iFans want to say that aluminum/rectangle with rounded corners/ icons/ colours are Apple's patent.. ? ? Limit of stupidity.
If that is the case, then aluminum was discovered by Apple/ before iPhone we didn't know what rectangle was/ never saw icons on Windows PC,/ lived in black & white world...! !!!
Sick of this copy nonsense....
U want copy nonsense? Apple stole design&mobile technology from Motorola & Nokia (the first 2 companies with mobile devices)...Now give comment against this...
Case closed.....

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 01:05 1

8. byazatt (Posts: 298; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

I'm bored of this 'you copied me ' nonsense. so we should not expect ois on iOS lest it be copying Nokia, metallic s5 it be a copy of HTC One or iPhone 5, 8 MP camera on HTC lest it be a copy of iPhone S3... ? nonsense

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 04:05 5

34. Topcat488 (Posts: 1396; Member since: 29 Sep 2012)

You can't be that bored of copying... Because "YOU" copied "YOURSELF".

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 09:32

90. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4786; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

I agree with what you said, except for the 8MP camera on an HTC. HTC's had 8MP cameras for quite a while now, I believe around 3-4 years.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 01:08 4

9. Navaid (Posts: 46; Member since: 05 Sep 2013)

So what if copied or not, All is good if end is good. And in the end Samsung has the best. :)

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 01:12 11

10. taojj (Posts: 33; Member since: 01 Aug 2013)

Shut up Samsung. Copying is your job.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 01:20 18

12. SlimSoulja86 (Posts: 660; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

And you must be a genius. I'm sure your clothes don't look like anyone else's clothes, because you're original, and you don't eat the same food like the rest of us. I'm an Apple fan, but I love and appreciate technology. It seems like it's a good thing to call Samsung a copy cat by Apple fans, but when the facts are released that Apple copied Samsung, all of a sudden people are bored with this "you copied me". Wow, what are world we live in. I'm very disappointed at people that comes to this side and claim companies are copying each other, when we should rejoice as this will push your favourite brand to come up with something more advance. Because at the end of the day, we the consumer will benefit. SOme people just need to grow up and behave like tech lovers, instead of brand lovers. It doesn't help to be so attached to a brand that you don't sleep at night because a brand you hate has something you wish your favourite brand had.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 03:52 2

30. joey_sfb (Posts: 6624; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

Well said. Every thing Apple did is original including their plastic iPhone 5c, notification bar, having touch screen on phone.

However I not saying Apple can't copy they could just don't kick a big fuss over I patent the rectangle round corner nonsensical claim.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 01:16 4

11. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

Yeah even though Samsung sold their gold S4 first, gold/champagne iPhone rumors have been spreading for ages. Given Samsung's obsession of Apple, I don't doubt Samsung included Gold because they knew Apple was gonna do it.

But in all honesty it doesn't really matter.... the Galaxy S4 gold is a freakin ugly

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 01:42 4

17. willard12 (unregistered)

....and samsung has been selling gold phones for ages. The list doesn't even include the samsung giorgio armani in 2009. So, to say that they did it because they knew what apple was going to do doesn't exactly account for any of the pictures above....before apple even made a phone. The looks of this and every phone is a matter of your own personal, individual, humble, and irrelevant opinion....much like your perception(guess) of when the design team sat at the table and decided to make a phone that looks exactly like their note 8.0 released in July. If samsung is obsessed with apple, then who keeps taking whom to court for "slavish" copying of slide to unlock(invalidated), pinch to zoom (invalidated), scroll bounce (invalidated)? It looks like the obsession goes one way.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 06:42 3

53. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

When was Samsung's last flagship smartphone gold?

There's no doubt that Samsung is obsessed with Apple. Announcing the 64 bit processor days after the iPhone. All those anti-iPhone commercials. Don't forget the 132 page document focusing on every single design element on the iPhone (as far as I'm concerned there was no such document for any other competitor to Samsung). Before the S3, Samsung devices looked extremely similar to the iPhone, in both physical design and touchwiz. Also, we will disagree on the source of inspiration for the S4's "premium finish" with the metal/flat sides. And what's up with this whole gold phone ordeal? Samsung should've just continued selling their gold S4's and STFU. What's up with all the commotion? They should stop seeking attention wherever Apple is invovled, its making them look pathetic. Yes, the obsession only goes one way....Samsung needs to get off Apple's $%@#


posted on 29 Sep 2013, 07:12 1

55. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

Meh, its not like apple is fully original, plastic phones, colored phones smaller tablet, bigger iPhone etc they have backed down their word several times just to have what others are having and to sell what others are selling...

Anyway good to see Samsung introduced a gold phone... I can say how much I f**king hate gold without being considered a fanboy... Its a horrible color that's only knows how to stand out too much and should be burnt with fire

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 08:39 3

72. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

64-bit ARM processors were announced earlier this year. Samsung announcing their processor is a bad thing? Okay, it was announced days after the iPhone. Cool, but it was taking the limelight that Apple never deserved in the first place. The iPhone 5S was the most disappointing iPhone model next to the 5C. This was the most disappointing product cycle from Apple ever.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 09:37

91. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4786; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

As I recall, anytime a phone launches with anything even remotely considered ground breaking, you usually here from the competition saying either they've been working on that for months or their version will be out shortly. Really isn't anything new here.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 12:13

111. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Are you trying to be oblivious or are you serious?

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 12:51 1

117. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4786; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

Do you not read PA? When the first watch phone was announced, around three other companies came out saying they were already at work on it. Same with things like LTE, dual & quad core processors, the next higher MP rating, fingerprint scanners, etc. The competition has to show their customer base that they don't have to switch companies for those features. Same thing with the carriers. Verizon announced LTE, shortly after the other carriers were announcing their plans for the same. T-Mobile announced plans to make it easier to upgrade devices, within a week or two VZW & AT&T made similar announcements. Verizon does away with one year contracts, annual upgrades & plans for tiered data, shortly after AT&T follows suit. And this doesn't only apply to mobile. Computers, TVs, cars, appliances, and so on do this as well. It's them trying to stay competitive.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 13:35

122. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4786; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

As far as selling their gold S4 a few days before the 5s announcement, no one knew how big of a hit the champagne/gold iphone was going to be, not even Apple apparently (unless the manufacturing yield was low due to manufacturing issues or intentionally to create buzz.)

I'm not necessarily a Samsung fan. I currently have an S3, my first Samsung phone. Just over a year later and I need to upgrade due to issues ranging from the quircky (after I complete a call it tries to call them again multiple times) to hardware (screen burn in). When I first got it I wasn't impressed with Touchwiz, but I've lived with it. The S4, IMHO, is more of the same. A few more features I may never use, the next step up in specs, but basically the same experience when I tried it out in the store. I'll be looking for something with a lighter skin this time. Not to say I wouldn't consider them in the future, but for now I'd rather try something else.

My point was these guys will offer anything to keep them competitive, whether they're first or reacting to the market.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 17:27

145. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

Great post!

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 17:50

147. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

Taking the limelight that Apple never deserved? Yes because Samsung deserves the limelight with their suck ass devices

You can talk about product cycles, sales, or whatever, but all of that is pretty damn irrelevant in this conversation. At the end of the day, Samsung bullishly stalks Apple. Nothing else to it.

They should have just continued selling their gold S4s, but all they're doing is drawing attention back to the iPhone and making themselves look pathetic.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 17:23

144. willard12 (unregistered)

The 64 bit chip that Samsung made for Apple....now Samsung says they are going to make one for themselves....those bastards! And Samsung actually did market research of the competition, that's absurd. Now, based on your flawed logic, I suppose we will never see an iphone with a larger screen or quad core processor because Samsung has done those and Apple isn't obsessed with them at all.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 17:54

148. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

It's the fact that they announced it so quickly after Apple's event that is the point, not the fact that they're going to include it in future devices.... Don't be so stupid!

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 19:23

152. willard12 (unregistered)

"As it turns out, the first Samsung Galaxy S4 in gold was ANNOUNCED for the UAE on August 27th."

I'm still not sure how August 27th is AFTER. Besides, after other flagships are announced, Apple stays quiet and professional and that's the standard which we should apply equally, right? Remember, double-standards are difficult to enforce.


No Samsung obsession on their part, right?

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 20:38 1

154. Ninetysix (Posts: 2689; Member since: 08 Oct 2012)

There were TONS of leaks way before Aug 27th of the iPhone 5S champagne color. If Samsung didn't get any ideas from Apple, they should have announced that color when they first announced the S4.

posted on 29 Sep 2013, 22:30

155. willard12 (unregistered)

I suppose you think it takes 15 minutes to develop, test, produce and then mass produce a product before it goes to the market. If this is so easy, then I wonder why there will be a delay for apple in getting their next batch of already created "champagne colored" handsets in to the market? Maybe the 64 bit GS4 will be out next week. The color scheme of the gold gs4 is the exact same color scheme of the note 8.0, released in July. Samsung has no responsibility to announce any product because Apple lacks operational security and every detail of their product is known 5 months in advance. Apple has "adopted" toggles, pull down notifications, larger screen, automatic app updates, air drop (group play knock off). So, even if you feel Samsung never wanted to make a gs4 in the color scheme of the note 8.0 because you are a mind-reader, just think of them as "adopting" a color and you will feel better.

posted on 30 Sep 2013, 11:27

162. AKumar47 (Posts: 48; Member since: 11 Sep 2013)


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