Apple calls on Jony Ive to narrate a product video for the Designed by Apple in California” book

Back in November, Apple introduced its next hot selling item launched just in time for the holiday season. It was a coffee table book with 450 photographs of Apple products beginning as far back as the iMac from 1998. The title of the book is "Designed by Apple in California." The large version of the book (13" x 16.25") costs $299, while the small version of the tome (10.20" x 12.75") is priced at $199...
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35. ctdog4748

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See! You can't go more than a day without instigating with me! I knew you missed me!

36. darkkjedii

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My response was about cnour, not you. You're a joke on this site. As you were...ignored.

16. Klinton

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24. Plasticsh1t

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299$ for a f**king book?! Better make my coffee and do the laundry.

25. TheOracle1

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I can't think of any other common book that costs $299. The arrogant narcissism of people like Ive turn me off Apple products. As for design, I can't think of a phone with uglier bezels like the 6 and 7 Plus.

34. Tipus

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Apple's days are long gone
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