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Apple announces redesigned iPod Nano

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Apple announces redesigned iPod Nano
We passed along rumors of a new iPod Nano last week, and Apple has made it official today, launching a completely redesigned Nano complete with a 2.5” widescreen display with Multi-Touch. Bluetooth is coming in the new Nano, as well as an FM radio tuner (with a DVR-like “live pause” ability). Apple is also including a built-in pedometer and fitness tracking software for those of you who want to only carry one device while jogging.

Of course it wouldn’t be a good Nano launch without it shipping in a myriad of colors, and fans of the diminutive PMP won’t be disappointed, as the Nano will ship in 7 different highly saturated colors (for those of you Plain Jane’s out there, black and silver are still options). The new iPod Nano will sell for $149 and be available in October.

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