Apple allows users to purchase iPhone 3G online

Apple allows users to purchase iPhone 3G online
Though not without strings attached, the company is allowing users to purchase the iPhone 3G via its website, and select the AT&T plan and necessary features from the comfort of a home computer. It sounds easy, however the caveat is that the customer must come into an Apple retail store to pick up the device and have it activated. In a move that's sure to irritate those waiting in line during the holiday season (and perhaps those that spent long hours in line on the launch day), online buyers can walk right in, pick up their device, and have the Apple representative "help you personalize your new iPhone 3G, make calls, browse the web, receive email, and more."

Though it isn't a full home-based activation like the original iPhone, it may be nice as the busy buying season approaches.

Source: Apple via Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

This is really smart from Apple. I bet they designed this method to avoid and lower Holiday Season shopping wait lines.

2. omegaman888

Posts: 6; Member since: Jun 25, 2008

what if you live i a town that doesnt have a apple store???

3. unregistered

apple dosent care about us small town folks lol

4. unregistered

They make it so difficult because of all the fraud people try and pull. I work for AT&T and help customers wanting to cancel and iPhone 3G has been a huge issue. Mainly those wanting to sell the phones and not pay ETF's since they are cancelling within 30 days but not returning equipment. It's pretty ridiculous and I understand why they are slow to allow online ordering and have kinda harsh stipulations.

5. Trey unregistered

They still have to pass credit.....they can order the phone and pay for it over the internet, but still may require a deposit and aren't told about it till they get to the a joke

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