Apple accuses Samsung of pirating, stealing and counterfeiting in letter

In a letter defending its decision to write to retailers reminding them not to sell Samsung products affected by a preliminary injunction, Apple accused Samsung of pirating, stealing and counterfeiting in a letter; additionally, Samsung won an expedited hearing on the Samsung GALAXY Nexus injunction...
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175. jroc74

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I agree with this. We really have to stop feeding the trolls.... The majority of the general public dont know what a: Bootloader is Root, jailbreak is Patent is iOS is Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, ICS is in relation to Android. Open source is

154. androiddownsouth

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Brand recognition can only take you so far. Once more people get educated about the Android options out there and just how crazy far ahead of the iF@il that they are, they change teams. I'd bet you that more than 50% of customers that come into my store that want an iPhone and know nothing about Android, they get an Android and LOVE IT after I've shown them the capabilities and customizations available. Apple says: Here is our phone, there is only one, tough sh*t. Android says: What size, shape, and features do you want? Here is the perfect phone for you! There is another company on life support that refused to change and adapt with new features and abilities. At the current snail's pace Apple is changing on, they are close to hitting the same ugly road that RIM is at the end of. And for those that say that iF@ils "just work", I call BS. I get as many crashes and problems with those phones as I do any Android. Samsung just makes a better product, PERIOD.

164. jroc74

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Whoever says the iPhone just works....I kindly point them to and the iPhone trouble shooting section... That's just ONE site...

165. networkdood

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on there for my wife yesterday - wow, do they have issues....

167. jroc74

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Know whats wild about all the debates, arguments... I know about macrumors because I was interested in OS X back in 2008. Its a great site for ppl interested in using and wanting to know more about Apple products. The users over there....seem level headed and at times disagree with the way Apple handles some things. I STILL might dive into OS X. One thing that made me change my mind was messing around more with Linux. They seemed so similar back in the day, I said I might as well use an OS I can install on any PC. But yea...if the iPhone just worked....trouble shooting sections would be very, very small. Must not be as easy to use as some say too....

157. TheGadgetGuru

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160. protozeloz

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ugh guys stop feeding the troll, just report him for starting flame wars and he will be banned again

166. networkdood

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' Apple is accusing Samsung of counterfeiting, stealing and pirating.' All I can say is one word: IRONY!!!

180. BomberXL

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ok, imma let you all finish, but did you See the new post abuot the UK judge Ruling on this case? its the GREATEST news iv hard!

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