Future Apple iPhones to use Qualcomm modem chips as settlement is reached

Apple and Qualcomm have settled their legal battles. Apple will make a payment to Qualcomm and both parties have entered into a six-year licensing agreement that will allow Apple to use Qualcomm's modem chips again.
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97. Leo_MC

Posts: 7432; Member since: Dec 02, 2011

I am just doing some math. You can't guarantee s**t, because - just like me - you know s**t about what happened behind the doors. As for modem manufacturers, Apple already has deals with Nokia and Ericsson so it can get all the 5G SEPs it needs and China is filled with factories that can be used to build a s**tload of chips.

26. cheetah2k

Posts: 2256; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

QC were never in the wrong in the first place. Only the Apple iFans believed their holy grail fruit was 100% right, but as we all know from previous litigation with other companies, its only a dummy spit and throwing the toys out of the cot because they didnt want to pay the money they agreed on in the first place.. Apple are seriously stupid. Biting hard down on manufacturers will always end up in tears for them - unless they're manufacturing their own gear like Samsung - but they don't.. So pants down Apple, bend over. Get ready player 1

28. toukale

Posts: 632; Member since: Jun 10, 2015

Lmfao, how old are you? 12.

88. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

And you're only 5. So he is older than you anyways. he actually made a point. where's yours? Apple was in the wrong because they signed a deal. And they shoudl have kept paing until a court said otherwise. Apple couldnt get a viable modem source and QC was their only choice. Cook and Co had to bend over AGAIN. get over bruh. Here, take this napkin and dry those biased tears. In every single issue where Apple is clearly in the wrong, you will like others try to make it be right. It must be a great world, in the world of delusion.

33. Seatech21

Posts: 68; Member since: Jan 01, 2018

It would take billion's of dollars for R&D, land, patents, etc to develop their own modem technology. That is something that could take a decade or so. Like the old saying goes, It's cheaper to keep her Apple.

7. Plutonium239

Posts: 1217; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

Apple realized that they would not win the court battle and folded. They also folded because they are desperate for Qualcomm's 5g modem.

11. DolmioMan

Posts: 332; Member since: Jan 08, 2018

Or they reached a mutually beneficial deal because they’re both billion dollar companies. Neither Apple nor Qualcomm folded, that deal is probably worth more than their top 3 Android OEMs combined over the same period. Oh well. It’s a good deal for everyone providing Qualcomm don’t go back to abusing their monopoly.

89. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

Mutual? Or course. It's Apple who had to come to terms, not QC. QC has the modem and thus have all the Aces, especially after the largest OEM on the planet told Apple ...NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. kryme

Posts: 469; Member since: Oct 24, 2013

Biggest winners are the customer good job guys

34. Seatech21

Posts: 68; Member since: Jan 01, 2018

How? Phones will still be 1100$

36. mackan84

Posts: 473; Member since: Feb 13, 2014

Only if you buy the latest and greatest. If you would buy a pc or mac today, would you buy the Most expensive one or a cheaper offering. Smartphones has saturated and “smartphone enthusiasts” still think they need the one packed with the latest tech for $900-$1500 when they all release a $750 or lower option.

90. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

Yep. But at least you won't be paying $100 for a phone that has a crappy modem.

70. sissy246

Posts: 7120; Member since: Mar 04, 2015

That is right Going to be a lot of happy fans that know what Qualcomm and Intel even are. Most fans don't even know what is in their phones.

16. Vancetastic

Posts: 1345; Member since: May 17, 2017

I’d imaging both companies benefit. Neither of them got where they are by being stupid.

18. ing0ram

Posts: 21; Member since: Jan 15, 2019

Well, this came out of nowhere. But "effective as of April 1, 2019" hopefully it isn't late april fool.

19. domfonusr

Posts: 1085; Member since: Jan 17, 2014

Holey moley… did not see this coming! Qualcomm comes out of this handsomely from all indications, which scares me a little bit. I was pretty sure that Apple was going to win this one easily, so it makes almost no sense to see this outcome now. Perhaps QC is a bigger bully than I had previously anticipated...

29. toukale

Posts: 632; Member since: Jun 10, 2015

How you figure that Qualcomm made out like that? Qualcomm had everything to lose in this case and was not going to let some jurors decide on their business model. Worst case scenario for Apple is they are back to paying what they were originally paying. The most likely outcome is both companies met in the middle, that's how most of those cases tend to settle.

45. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

No they did not. QC doesn't need Apple. Just like Samsung doesn't need Apple. Until you g=figure that out you will always be wrong. Apple signed a deal. No matter how questionable it was, Apple could have said no. it couldn't have been a bad deal. Apple signed a very long deal and QC gave them $1Billion back each year. Apple broke the contract, not by not paying, but by going to intel to begin with. You're wrong! Get over it. And even if you don't, stop crying. Apple was wrong. APple should have at leats just kept paying. If the court had ruled in their favor and said QC needed to pay Apple sokething, then they would have been the right way. Try that in YOUR personal life. Trying not paying your mortgage, rent, car payment even if they are in the wrong and see what happens. What is the problem with Apple being wrong? All Corporations are Evil dude. Apple included! Get over it bruh because Apple doesn't care about you, hey care about themselves and money. And Apple tried to bully Samsung and lost. They tried to bully QC and lost. They tried to bully Microsoft and they lost. Apple is a terrible business partner. Don't you see that?!

52. mackan84

Posts: 473; Member since: Feb 13, 2014

Didn’t apple take it chance as fast as qc didn’t deliver that $1billion in 2016 to blame that for breaking the contract?

54. Leo_MC

Posts: 7432; Member since: Dec 02, 2011

"All Corporations are Evil" That's just stupid.

91. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

No its not stupid. Its fact! Any for profit corporation will do anything and everything for profit, including screw you over. And since Appel has been caught red handed so many times in just the last 2 years, yet you still are biased for them? You're about as absent-minded as people who believe the earth is flat and actually try to convince you its true.

98. Leo_MC

Posts: 7432; Member since: Dec 02, 2011

I couldn't care less about Apple, I also have a corporation, I have/work for profits and I know for sure that mine is not evil.

43. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

Haha! Wow! The Apple fans are crying a river right now. The fact is, Apple was gonna lose. I have no question about the fact, Qualcomm likely does some questionable things. But they all do and that includes Apple. It's so funny how hypocritical Apple fans are. Especially even after Apple has "SCREWED" them over so many times. No matter how questionable the deal was, Apple signed it. Qualcomm does not have a monopoly on modems. They have a monopoly on having the very best one. If Apple did share details of QC's modem with Intel, then Qualcomm had at leats another ace up their sleeves. Apple who overcharges for everything is whining about their deal...THEY SIGNED. No court can change a deal, unless it was illegal. And it wasn't. Apple looks stupid. Qualcomm was giving them back $1Billion every year on the deal they signed. When you are buying the best option, then they have a right to make the deal be whatever. If Apple agreed too it, no court on this planet can overturn it, including the Supreme Court, unless there was something illegal. Once Samsung told Apple they couldn't manufacturer enough modems for them, that was Apple's last shot. There isn't another OEM on the planet that can make 100M plus modems for Apple. With Qualcomm having TSMC tied up and Samsung tied up trying to have a modem for their own phone, Apple had zero options. It was either risk Intel having a crappy p[piece of hardware...AGAIN or stick with what works. And even though QC modem,s work great, every iPhone has had connection issues, because Apple doesn't know how to right good software. They NEVER have been able too. QC is the victor here and Apple is the loser. And the haters are gonna hate and no one should care if they do. Apple no longer has the power they use to have. Like Microsoft they both are a great history lesson, but their future will be less significant.

55. Leo_MC

Posts: 7432; Member since: Dec 02, 2011

You do know that Apple has won a similar case in another country, right?

92. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

And you do know Apple has lost similar cases outside the US. In fact Apple has lost more cases outside the US. You do know that right. In fact if you ogo an count all the lawsuits against Apple in just the past decade, Apple lost nearly all of them outside the US. And in the ones where Apple was found guilty in the US, they were never even fined. In fact, Obama repelled one against Samsung. And yet again the FTC has found Apple is guilty of infringing on several QC patents and yet Apple was given a free pass. Apple stole SoC tech from a University. How low is that bruh? Apple had to pay a heavy fine on that one. Just stop it dude. You're just crazy and yet I have zero pity for yo.

95. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

Here I got some more proof to show you how wrong you are on the Apple vs QC deal. According to this,https://www.phonearena.com/news/Analyst-says-Apple-will-pay-Qualcomm-8-9-per-iPhone-in-royalty-payments_id115420 - Apple is now paying QC as much as $9 for each phone sold, when at first they were paying $7.50. Now I wanna see how you gonna try to spin this in Apple favor!!!! Now, since Apple will be selling even less phones than before, QC price just went up. Apple according to the article was paying QC 7.50 for each iPhone sold. Now its as much as $9 each. HAHA! So even if, QC settled for Apple to pay them less now, they gonna get all of it back and them some over the next 6 years. And for the next 6 years iPhone sales will continue to drop which means QC will make even less money from Apple, where Apple will just fade away.

99. Leo_MC

Posts: 7432; Member since: Dec 02, 2011

Here's another link: https 3doubleu dot a site dot com/some_analyst_said_Apple_is_getting_a_blowjob_f​or_every_qc _modem_used.

49. iloveapps

Posts: 855; Member since: Mar 21, 2019

Too many android bitter about what happened because in the end, iphone gonna have something better than their third class modem chips. Good job to both especially apple for bringing out unfair royalties.

64. Sammy_DEVIL737

Posts: 1529; Member since: Nov 28, 2016

Lol most of the Androids are already having Qualcomm modems so stop crying peaceboy. And even after having third class modem chips Android phones still has better connectivity and internet speeds than XS & XR. Looks like Intel's chips were 4th class chips. Lmao....

93. oldskool50

Posts: 1578; Member since: Mar 29, 2019

What? Samsung phones only use Qualcomm Soc's which already have the same or better modem in them. At least we don't have connectivity issue. Wait. before Apple even used Intel modems, apple has according to facts; had connectivity issues with every iPhone model since the very first one. So since QC modems are not the issue, that means Apple software is the main issue. I'm trying to understand how you think QC is gonna sell Apple a better product than we get? Delusional man...you're delusional.
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