Apple has boxed itself in on a 5G iPhone, and may not deliver in 2020

Samsung's 5G modem would be sold to Apple at a big markup, Huawei is politically unpalatable, MediaTek and even Intel are behind the curve, Qualcomm is the enemy du jour - Apple is running out of modem choices for the 5G iPhone if it wants to deliver it in 2020.
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27. behold--me

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True, carriers like AT&T market their advanced "5G+" bulls**t (which is shameful by the way), but what about when the network actually does reach 5G? The public will know that Apple devices cannot utilize the 5G network, which is where the downfall is. I totally see your point, though. Didn't think of that. As for other carriers adopting the "5G+" label that AT&T started using: I don't think that's gonna happen. If I remember correctly, T-Mobile and Verizon both publicly bashed AT&T for their garbage marketing tactics, it was quite funny actually. I suggest you look into it to get a good laugh haha

28. midan

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IDC have very realistic outlook for 5G adoption 5G won't be a thing in many years. 2021-2022 is propably right time to buy 5G phone.

30. mootu

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Apple sells 1 in 4 of it's iPhones in the US, so 3 quarters are sold elsewhere. China and the rest of Asia (huge Apple market) are close to having 5G up and running within the next 12 months, if Apple has no device available for at least another couple of years where do you think users will turn? Asian users tend to adopt new tech very quickly and will want to use 5G as soon as it is available, if Apple has no offering then these users will go elsewhere.

31. midan

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Not happening, they would just wait. Most iPhone users use iPhones because iOS. So people definately won't switch because some Android phones offer feature which they don't even need or which is in very early state.

35. mootu

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Most Asian iPhone users buy because it's a western brand and anything western is seen as cool, nothing to do with IOS. Asian people have very little brand loyalty and if something better comes along they will buy it and drop the original brand like a hot stone, they will not wait.
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