Angry Birds Seasons confirmed for Easter update

Angry Birds Seasons confirmed for Easter update

Angry Birds Seasons was the firstoffspring of the ever entertaining feathered action game and now, ridinghigh the infuriated bird wave, Rovio confirmed in a tweet that anEaster edition of the game is to hit app stores in the very nearfuture as scheduled.

Easter falls on April 24th,but our guess would be that the game is to come out even earlier.Will we have our favorite birdies launched on bunnies or yet worsebunny-clad pigs? We can only guess, but what we know for sure isthat the original version of Angry Birds along with Angry Birds Riowill receive updates in May. Now you have three more reasons to delayyour withdrawal from gaming (if you've ever planned it), don't you?

source: Rovio (Twitter)



6. icepikk

Posts: 32; Member since: Feb 13, 2011

Seriously people just love to complain about anything a site does that they dont like. Scrolling through you look and say 'What's this? An article on Angry Birds? Grr they made me waste 2 seconds reading the title of the article! I must click on it and comment to speak my frustrations that of such a terrible act of them to do this and to make an article that took more time for them to write than me to read! And even though I hate it, I read it anyways so as further to prove the idiocy that my rants dont do the justice of!"

5. Super Android Evo unregistered

Hey did you know that birds are the decedents of dinosaurs. Damn they are now going to make an Angry Dinosaurs game. They can fling dinos at the upstart mammals! If that happens they better pay me! LOL Why did I give them another idea? LOL

4. me unregistered

why do you care and comment like that, if you dont like the game then you shouldnt even bother reading this article, just dont play the game and let other poeple enjoy it

3. msa1988

Posts: 418; Member since: Mar 30, 2010

The game is crap as it is, but phone arena is beating a dead horse with all these GD angry birds posts... STOP, THE GAME IS OLD NEWS!

2. Super Android Evo unregistered

Yeah what's next? Angry Birds Earth Day edition? Angry Birds AIDS day edition? Angry Birds Veterans Day edition? I am starting to get a little sick of Angry Birds. I only have the original. I will never get the other games. It's so repetitive that it seems so shallow. The luster of the game has worn off, there are better games out there people let’s move on & stop the bird madness. It's like everybody has the bird flu of something! lol

1. iuguj unregistered

What next? Mother's day Special edition? Midsummer update?

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