Android's Crusade visualized on a video timeline, it's beautiful

Android's Crusade visualized on a video timeline, it's beautiful
Android activations from 2008 to this moment have been visualized in the official Android Developers YouTube channel with a stunning video that shows both the geographical distribution, as well as the timeline of Android's crusade to take over the smartphone world.

Of note is how the activations explode in North America with the introduction of the original Motorola DROID, and Verizon's $100 million marketing campaign to promote it. Then Europe and Asia (especially South Korea) follow suit with the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S.

It is beautifully done, and, at last count, Google's Eric Schmidt said in his keynote MWC 2011 speech that there are now 300 000 daily Android activations, so these shooting rays of light in the video are poised to become even denser this year, when we add all the Honeycomb tablets about to take off.

via AndroidCentral



1. 8.77 unregistered

LOL SOCCER INSTEAD OF FOOTBALL :D You use your foot in American football, don't you(!)

2. hh.6 unregistered

Would be better if there was a suitable instrumental

3. bbonline

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Really loved that huge surge in late 2009 after the introduction of the Motorola Droid. A game changer for Google!

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