Android takes market share from iOS in the U.S. over the last year

Andriod continued to add to its leading market share in the U.S.over the last year. For the three months ended in August 2013, the open source OS had 56.1% of the smartphone market in the states. A year later, that figure has increased to 63.6% for an increase of 7.5 percentage points. During that same time period, the U.S. market share of iOS declined by 7.4pp to 30.1%...
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7. ArtSim98

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Yeah I thought so too. Good thing to see it's not true at least anymore :)

15. Finalflash

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It was never true, iOS had one good quarter there and the next it tanked and never recovered.


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Check Android and iOS's market share in Japan here: The way I see it, everytime there's a new iPhone, iOS's market share grows A LOT and then goes back down A LOT. Compared to the US, the change in market share seems really huge. But if you compare their market share over the last too years, you will see that iOS is decreasing in popularity after all. October 2012: iOS 73.9% October 2013: iOS 61.1% As for Android's share before a new iPhone release (basically when iOS's share is the lowest), you can check their markest share on August, and you can see that Android's share is growing: August 2013: Android 52.3% August 2014: Android 70.2% But still, what's interesting is that I was in Japan in June/July for about three weeks and at that time I saw a lot, and I mean A LOT of iPhones when I went out. Way more than the number of Android phones I saw. Which is strange considering their market share back then. Android was already about 60% or more at that time. I have no idea what that means, but I thought there's no harm in sharing it.


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As I said in the Apple sold 10 million devices thread let's see how much that did for iOS market share. Most of those sales were old 4-5s ggeneration iPhone uses wanting a bigger iPhone that never upgraded our were not happy with the smaller variations.

9. Furbal unregistered

10 mill isn't enough to make a large sway either way. Very good for apple but that's small compared to the overall market

10. tedkord

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We hear that every new release, every year. "Wait until the iPhone 5 numbers get counted." "Wait until the iPhone 5s numbers get counted. " And at the end of every year, it's the same story. They might get a small short term bump, but at this time next year Android will still be dominating.

23. Napalm_3nema

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Tell me how this matters. For 3 years and change, Android has led in market share, and most of the OEMs are getting crushed, the accessory market still prioritizes the iPhone by a country mile, and the App Store gets the best apps first. It's a silly metric, the same way it is, and has been, in PC market share.

25. tedkord

Posts: 17184; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

It doesn't matter. It's just a fact.

43. Napalm_3nema

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As is everything I listed.

56. tedkord

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So tell me how matters?

49. vikingsfootball09

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prioritize in iphone accessories is due to the fact that its easier to make accessories for one iphone, and then just recently to two iphones a year, same goes with contrast, theres hundreds of android smartphones in different sizes and shape. the fact that apple has only a few iphone models out makes for easier manufacturing of accessories and higher sales volume on individual phone sales.... i'd like to see apple put out a more than two dozen iphones out a year with different sizes screens, etc...i would be curious as to how any one single iphone will sure a single iphone sale would decrease dramatically being that sales would more than likely be spread out between two dozen more certain that an individual iphone sale would likely be the case, but at the same time, overall number of sales among 12 iphones would probably be more than what two new iphones would in essance, does apple want a single iphone to sell record numbers by releaseing only two smartphone a year...or possibly have more overall sales with more iphone selections? its obvious apple wants to be known for selling the most single smartphone by putting out only one, now two iphones a that they and ifans can brag how iphone is the best because of its high volume sale. you wont see those kind of single sales number on an android phone being that theres over 100 to choose from every year. thats why the iphones single sales on a single iphone is over rated, so over rated that the dont even make a dent in worldwide marketshare...but what apple has is the profit margin. apple/ifans/shareholders will tell you that is not about marketshare, its about profits.

97. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

"the accessory market still prioritizes the iPhone by a country mile," I dont think this statement is all that true anymore. Especially with majority of Android phones having universal charging and headphone ports.

30. hemedans

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per year smartphone sales is like 1 billion, so 10 million is just 1% of total smartphone, android alone has 18,000 devices

32. DogeShibe

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75. AlikMalix unregistered

10 million is not how many iphones people buy per year, it's how many iphones they buy per weekend..

77. Awalker

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That's a lie. They would be close to 30M sold right now and 500M+ for the year. Also, 10M sold could mean 10M iPhone users turning in their phone for a newer model which does nothing to help market share.

78. AlikMalix unregistered

What I was trying to say (and I can see my mistake in the wording) is that the 10,000,000 mark that he's referring to was accomplished in a weekend, not throughout the year which is a much, much higher number (read post#30, "per year")...

11. darkkjedii

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Androids market share will always be larger, as that's their business model. Apples is profit margin, and they'll always lead in that area, cuz of premium pricing. Both companies lead in their respective business models. This comes as no surprise, fanboys will eat it up though. As for the Jed, iOS and Android FTW, iPhone 6 plus and Note 3 owner, YA DIG!!!

13. elitewolverine

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This is true. As well, it doesnt equate 'satisfaction' either. nearly 60% of all droids are low cost, Apple has no such phone. The question then becomes, if the consumers had the cash, would they buy an iphone or droid? Do these droid figures include all android or just googles version as well?

14. DogeShibe

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19. 14545

Posts: 1835; Member since: Nov 22, 2011

In developing markets (or non-subsidized)......It *might* look like it does in the US. (~30ish% of the market) However, that comment doesn't hold water in the US given the fact that usually the "old" iphone goes to 0 on contract with each successive update. There is usually a "low" cost on contract model on the majority of the US carrier market share. This is a fanboy argument if there ever were one. Although, it is very telling that they are losing marketshare with the new larger iphone.

20. darkkjedii

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Good post, and good closing question. +1

58. roscuthiii

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Perspective: It matters in the sense that because Apple makes more profit on fewer customers that any time a customer is lost it has a much greater effect on the bottom line. Think about it, twice the profit with a third of the user base when compared to Android (that sounds about right if memory serves)... A lost iOS user impacts the Apple ecosystem about 6X more than a lost Android customer impacts their ecosystem. Of course, profits should only matter to the company and its shareholders anyhow.

86. Awalker

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Apple has such phones in the US. Consumers can get an iPhone for free but they still purchase an Android phone.

101. jroc74

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Thank you.

87. Whateverman

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There have been free iPhone for some time now, so maybe there are some people who just who prefer Android over iOS. There are also some who have the money but don't feel the need to own the latest, greatest, top of the line phones. Let's not play the whole Android for the poor/iOS is for the rich card because that's just isn't the story for everyone.

100. jroc74

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Thank you.

99. jroc74

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If consumers had the cash.....I wont go there and say one of these Lets look at places where Android doesnt have alot of extremely cheap phones....lets look at the 4 major US carriers....lets look at the pre aid carrier(s) that dont offer phones ultra cheap. Which phone(s) dominate sales there? Even if Apple did, does...I feel Android isnt behind by a far margin. Its not about cash all the time. Because if it was about price....WP would be rising alot more...Palm would still be here, BB and Win Mo woulda have lost their market share leads....

119. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

I meant BB and Win Mo ....wouldn't have.....lost their market share leads....

24. fzacek

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"premium pricing" AKA overpriced rip-off...
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