Android-powered ZTE N860 heading to Sprint

Android-powered ZTE N860 heading to Sprint
Earlier today ZTE announced their first smartphone to feature the Windows Phone Mango operating system, and now it appears as though they are readying an Android device known as the N860 that is bound for Sprint.

Other than the picture to the right and an FCC filing there isn’t a lot of information about this device at this moment. Although there is no way of knowing what version of Android is powering the smartphone, the photo at least shows that it will have ZTE’s custom user interface.

This isn’t the first Android smartphone to be released from ZTE, but it is the first to hit one of the four major carriers. There is no word on the release date, but it very well could be coming soon now that it has passed through the FCC successfully.  

source: Unwired View




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Nice app icons, yea I smell another lawsuit coming. lol

3. Yeeee

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I was just about to say they directly copied apple good thing they are from china they can do whatever they want.

2. warrenellis

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yes yes i see to much of a simularity in the shape of the cell phone as well

4. DwBullard

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7. anishraj

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I purchased dis mobile earlier a month ago dis ph is dong good with nice apps,looks good,Camera quality is fine,Battery stands well,the price of this phone is low ,, for any software updates logon to ZTE official website,click Devices-->Product List(choose models here)-->Product support

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