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Android malware compromising Yahoo! accounts discovered by Microsoft anti-spam expert

0. phoneArena posted on 05 Jul 2012, 09:20

The latest assortment of Android malware has been discovered by Terry Zink, who is an anti-spam expert at Microsoft. He managed to identify a series of bogus e-mail messages (read: spam) that have been all sent from compromised Yahoo! accounts on Android handsets...

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posted on 05 Jul 2012, 09:24 2

1. thedarkside (Posts: 654; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

no bueno.

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 09:48 2

2. plgladio (Posts: 314; Member since: 05 Dec 2011)

Pirate app and how to avoid the damage...
If its a bug in Android core, Google should identify this and fixes it soon will be good.

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 11:26

3. MorePhonesThanNeeded (Posts: 645; Member since: 23 Oct 2011)

Why is this stuff news, you get stuff not from the official source and you end up with all types of crap, why would you want to blame the OS or point fingers. Check out Windows IE if you want to see malicious code and bugs and trojans and viruses...basically started and incubated on the Windows platform. Why is it is always some sort of finger pointing done. That sent from strong can be done on any smartphone including ones using WP7, utter trash.

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 11:50

4. Stuntman (Posts: 839; Member since: 01 Aug 2011)

I guess this particular piece of malware won't affect me since I cannot install apps from unofficial sources on my phone.

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 11:51

5. TheRetroReplay (Posts: 254; Member since: 20 Mar 2012)

I'm not surprised to see Yahoo!'s name attached to this, they've become the kings of spam and phishing emails.

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 13:37

6. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)



ok, now a Microsft employeee talking about malware? That is Hi-larious.

I have never seen or found malware any phone I have owned - Windows or Android.
I understand it could exist.
I doubt this has to do with Android as it has more to do with Yahoo!
Luckily, if it is an Android issue via the Yahoo mail app, I have my Yahoo mail forwarded to my gmail.
The military uses Android or will start soon...hmmm, wonder why?

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 13:48

7. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)

'The infection that we are dealing with is called a botnet. Basically, the malicious code grants a hacker with enough access to the user's account to send spam to unassuming victims'

ok, actually, you can find this on facebook. So, it really has zilch to do with Android. Clicking on stuff from unknown assailants or being unsure on what you are clicking on?

Then just do not click it.

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 14:20 2

8. c.hack (Posts: 614; Member since: 09 Dec 2009)

Not surprising for an unstable and insecure OS like Android. If only they had done more than rip off iOS and built in some security.

posted on 06 Jul 2012, 09:15

13. maxican16 (Posts: 364; Member since: 29 Sep 2011)

Troll harder.


posted on 05 Jul 2012, 15:37

9. Roomaku (Posts: 278; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

Yahoo mail? What is that???? JK well that' what you get for still using yahoo

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 15:49

10. DigitalMD (Posts: 226; Member since: 17 Feb 2010)

Since the comments in the article are all speculation, the source could just as easily have been a paid or free app sourced from the real Google play market. Or a bug in IOS that polluted nearby sweet and innocent Android handsets.

posted on 05 Jul 2012, 18:57

11. parkwaydr (Posts: 572; Member since: 07 Sep 2011)

I said it before and ill say it again, I will not believe anything negative about Android if it.comes from Microsoft.

I'm not accusing them, but they have motivation to try and scare people away from android.

That being said, anyone who downloads apps from unknown sources is asking for a problem, Google play people Google play.

posted on 06 Jul 2012, 09:15

12. maxican16 (Posts: 364; Member since: 29 Sep 2011)

Your instincts are correct! Thank you for using your own analytical skills ;)


posted on 06 Jul 2012, 21:33

14. khiko (Posts: 8; Member since: 07 Apr 2012)

i think android really s_cks! lol

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