Android gets Adobe AIR 2.5 in late 2010

Android gets Adobe AIR 2.5 in late 2010
In the beginning of 2008, Adobe’s AIR was released, providing a cross-platform browser-less runtime. For those that don’t speak Geek, this just means that AIR allows users to run otherwise web-based Flash, HTML, Actionscript, and JavaScript applications on their desktop, rather than within the limited browser window.

With the release of AIR 2.5 in Q4, Android users will be able to enjoy their new Flash 10.1 experience on their devices, rather than through confining browsers. The other key benefit, besides accessibility, is the cross-platform integration that AIR provides. Because it is based on the common root language of Flash, existing apps and games will be much more easily adaptable, so we can expect a plethora of new applications to be made available to Android soon thereafter.

source: Adobe via AndroidGuys


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