At the beginning when we were first sat down with the platform, we were utterly awe stuck by its futuristic appearance – which naturally helps in creating some buzz with anything new. Sure we felt just a tiny bit overwhelmed at first because of its entirely new layout, but after some time playing and fully comprehending the new platform, we gather it to still be the tried and true Android experience we’ve come to appreciate.

To its credit, Google did a phenomenal job in really boosting the multi-tasking and notifications aspects of the platform – and it’s well executed in functionality and presentation. Additionally, the overall holographic appearance of the homescreen enables it to not only separate it from previous versions of Android, but from other platforms as well. Come to think about it, we find a good balance of visual presentation and usability with the platform from a tablet perspective.

As much as Google has done a magnificent job in building the platform from the ground, there are still some underlying issues present with some third party apps that cause them to become unstable – and thus force closing. Moreover, it’s all going to come down to developers in creating apps that are not only exciting, but fit to take advantage of the new medium that tablets encompass.

Sure there might be some people out there that would argue that this current build of Android is not a complete 1.0 version, but as we’ve come to see with most things, anything new being released will always have some aspects that aren’t quite deemed as fully thought out. In the end, however, we’re confident that things will ripen over time and that Google will push out some exciting new concepts that are best experienced for their tablet platform.


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