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Americans have no idea what 5G is, survey finds, T-Mobile customers most in the know

60% of Americans don't know that Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are working on bringing faster and better 5G cellular connectivity to the unwashed masses, imagine that. The funniest part is that T-Mobile's subscribers were most in the know (48%), while Verizon's, whose commercial 5G network is already operational in testbed locations, came third, only a hair before Sprint's users.
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4G isn't even mature yet. All this new technology and we only see about 5% of the theoretical limits of it, on average.


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"Just 20$ of the people surveyed"


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Because most of them are iPhone users and survey has proven that they aren't tech savvy compared to Android users. Heck, they even got 4G late and they praised Apple for inventing it


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Apple reinvented it and made it better. ;)


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"Reinvented it!?!?" You smoking crack LMAO You can't be seriously believing that?! They have always had the slowest modems compared to Qualcomm's modems. Even on the newest iPhones. You make Heisenberg's comment sound awfully true. Y'all can't think like that. Really? Smfh wow


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Apple tends to wait until the technology can be better implemented. Just because a phone is the first to something doesn't mean it's great. Look at the HTC Thunderbolt and how it did being one of the first LTE phones. Not saying Apple is this revolutionary company, but they make tech that works.


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Translation :Apple waits until others do the work, then jump on the bandwagon (and sometimes try to patent the work, as well). I had the Thunderbolt. It was a good phone, other than the battery life. I remember everyone at work using my phone to stream YouTube or other videos because it was the only one that didn't buffer constantly.


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Did you see the ;) winky face? Or maybe I should have put /s to make it not as subtle?


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Yeah...no connectivity issues whatsoever. /s


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Are you certain that these surveys were mostly iPhone users? Where's your credible evidence then?


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5G = the beast system


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They think that 5G is fast food chain 5 guys :D


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People who are turning this into an Apple vs Android debate sound like morons.


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Never got any survey about 5G.... never heard of 'RepeaterStore'.


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It's not a big deal. 4G is more than enough.


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Generally Americans do not have high knowledge about tech. Europe is more advanced regarding these kinds of things.


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I agree that Europeans are more educated, but most advanced tech companies are from US.