America celebrates freedom in Jon Stewart's portrayal of the Verizon iPhone

America celebrates freedom in Jon Stewart's portrayal of the Verizon iPhone

You might think that the rumors aboutthe Verizon iPhone went a little over the top in the last... let'ssee, a couple of years? Well, we cannot agree with you more, but thewhole saga finally came to a happy end and there is no better placeto turn for the complete analysis than the Daily Show with JonStewart of course.

The witty comedian took itto the streets of New York city, where the Verizon iPhone wasannounced just yesterday, to see how the crowds are celebrating theirliberation from the “AT&T tyranny”. It did not go without acouple of dropped calls and a (un)healthy dose of humor, so check out thewhole video below if you missed the show yesterday!

source: TheDaily Show via Gawker

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1. paulyyd

Posts: 340; Member since: Jan 08, 2011

i loveeeee the at&t bashing, keep it coming :)

2. skymitch89

Posts: 1453; Member since: Nov 05, 2010

Tooo funny!!

3. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

Funny, but confusing as APPLE chose AT&T...blame

4. Socalvenom unregistered

My guess is that apple chose At&t becuse At&t promised and "proofed" that their network was able to handle all the iphones needs, needless to say it's turned out to be a lie and since Apple tied the knot with At&t for five years Apple didn't want to get sued for divorcing to early, but like any crappy marriage it has to come an end and for At&t it's 2011. At&t will still sell iphones most likely till June but after that no more Iphones for At&t. As far as I know I'm guessing that when the new Iphone comes out if it does this year? It will be able to use Verizons LTE. I believe the reason Verizon didn't come out with an iphone that can use LTE is because they just wanted to secure the phone it's self. I left At&t because of no service like so many and have switched to Sprint because of the better pricing, but if Verizon could some how rollout a similar 69.99 plan like Sprint that includes LTE 4g then I myself wouldn't think twice in switching over, but for now I'll wait to June just to see what happens. If not Ill just stick with Sprint.

9. compassstl unregistered

AT&T isn't losing the iphone, just its exclusivity in the United States. Apple chose AT&T because it was the biggest and fastest carrier (still fastest) in the U.S. and it could support the iphone's data hogging tendencies. The fact that apple can't make a phone (and they don't, it's actually a third party in China that makes it, along with other apple products) up to the snuff of its competitors is no fault of its network. I'm no AT&T fan (I have T-Mobile and am happy with it), but you should at least be fair and unbiased in your comments. P.S. the sprint 69.99 plan is a promotional offer (read the terms and conditions of the contract) with the stipulation that it can go up in price at any time, and considering that sprint is losing money like crazy (as is its LTE partner CLEARwire), I'd expect that to promo deal to be gone soon

10. XxVerbalxX unregistered

actually you are poorly informed, or stupid. you pick. when at&t launched the iphone they hadnt even launched their 3g service yet.(or JUST started, i was in the business then and was wondering why the hell apple went to them) Sprint and Verizon were the only 2 with high speed data thanks to cdma. in fact when at&t went to 3g they were using wcdma to do so. anywho.. it came down to money. at&t was willing to cave where verizon was not.

8. danielle unregistered

Actually, Apple chose VZW first but the company was wary of taking on the iPhone because Apple insisted on teching their own product rather than allowing VZW to tech it as they do all other products. In hindsight probably not the wisest decision, but the truth. Know what you're talking about before you talk.

12. Dre unregistered

I wouldn't say that considering VZW is the #1 right now because of how well they've pushed Android. I'm no fan of Apple but having the iphone on multiple carriers is the smart way to go since they've been losing ground to Android for the better part of the last year.

5. bucky

Posts: 3790; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

they chose AT&T because of sim cards and more widely used 3G frequencies.

6. jli51 unregistered

... socalvenom ppl like you make me wanna quit my job. there is no way at&t will stop selling iphones. just wait till verizon gets it and lets see how sweet their service is gonna be. at&t had to make many changes while they were selling the iphone and their service is not bad at all. just wait till verizon gets it. im gonna laugh at all yall at&t haters. how is at&t still here for the past how many years...? stupid ppl

7. VeriziPhone unregistered

That's actually an even MORE common misconception. Verizon actually already accounts for 63% of the US's total data traffic - far MORE than that of AT&T. In fact, Sprint even had a larger data load on their networks. AT&T's crappy network wasn't because of iPhone traffic... it's simply that AT&T's network is terrible. Verizon's network is ready to handle iPhone traffic because they're already taking on a far greater load.

11. Crash unregistered

I'm tired of people blaming At&T's shitty service on the IPHONE. Look at their own maps, for crying out loud! They have no 3g service. As of right now, Verizon's LTE footprint is larger than AT&T's 3g footprint. Furthermore, what does the fact that the iphone being a data hog have to do with all the dropped calls?? Lastly, Verizon's droid lineup uses more data than the iphone and there is no drop in service. The network is more than capable of handling the iphone

14. yogibear unregistered

It seems apple chose AT&T because its the largest GSM carrier in the US and GSM is close to the standard around the world. With one phone technology they can sell into global markets. Google's Phone, Nexus is also GSM and not avail for Sprint/VZ but can still sell globally.

15. apocalypsebc

Posts: 148; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

Maybe this phone will come to Sprint wimax

16. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

to add to the At&t bashing :p this ones craked me up lol sorry att friends but comedy has to rely on your bad moments to make something good

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