Alltel’s LG Scoop available for pre-order

Alltel’s LG Scoop available for pre-order
LG Scoop was first shown at CES 2008, and is Alltel’s version of the Sprint's Rumor. It is a basic device for text messaging, with side-sliding QWERTY keyboard and 1.3-megapixel camera. It also has a microSD slot and a multimedia player. You can now pre-order it with Alltel, online for $59.99, after $40 Mail-in rebate and a 2-year contract.

LG Scoop Specifications | Review (Sprint)

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1. Tony unregistered

See, this is the kind of crap that makes me sick to my stomach. God bless Alltel for coming out with a beautiful phone like this but what makes me sick is that a multi million dollar company like Verizon(the company I have now), doesn't have cool phones like this. The Voyager is a piece of shit! See what I'm saying? DAMN!

11. unregistered

You know that was totally uncalled for. watch you freakin language!! nobody wants to hear someone talking or in this case typing like that!! that was so rude. "Tony" your mouth needs to be washed out with soap!

16. shelby unregistered

hey well he's right it is a piece crap i got one to lol

21. unregistered

well i got one too and it works fine

2. Nikki unregistered

Yes, while it is a very beautiful phone, Alltel users had to wait a very long time for something like this. Alltel has GREAT plans, but never had a great phone! I will be getting mine next month when my plan is up for renewal! Can't wait!

3. unregistered

i have been waiting for a coll Alltel phone to come out with a QWERTY keyboard i think this is the one!!!

4. Mary unregistered

I want the scoop but my contract is not due for renewal for 15 months. Shitty Alltel wont sell me the phone for a decent price, they want $265.00 retail. I guess I'll renew in 15 months with ANOTHER cell phone company. It seems Alltel only rewards new customers and doesnt care about keeping existing customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Deebus65 unregistered

I am with you on this one. I too wanted this phone but since my contract isn't renewable until Sept. 2009 I would have to pay 265.00 also. I have been with Alltel for over twn years and have never gotten a deal.

18. unregistered

sounds like to me you are a spoiled brat! some people dont get phones at all! and you have had your phone for not even two years!! bratz in dis world!!!!!

5. damalulu unregistered

Hey mary, Go to ebay, buy one and take it to alltel and have them switch to this one. Doesn't change a thing about the contract. It's way to get around it all. I saw a scoop for sale today on ebay that someone just didn't like for $100

6. Jenny unregistered

My husband surprised me with the Cirtus Orange color of this phone and I love it already!! Its great for someone that texts as much as I do. I love that not every person on the planet has the same phone, well at least so far! It is crystal clear when talking to people and has so many options! Its just a great phone!!

7. Amy unregistered

I saw this phone in the mall and I almost pee'd my pants! It's like a golden orange twinkle reflected off of it into my eye and it was love!! This phone works great, is durable, I even use it for a radio show that I host...The sound is wonderful with my mic!

8. kelsie unregistered

How long exactly did that scoop on ebay have left on it? because that price will sky rocket above $100. trust me, i want this phone so badly, but i have months and months to go on my contract, so ive been doing exactly that. searching ebay. by the time the auction ends its going for like 10 or 20 dollars less then retail. if i wanted to pay that i'd go to the store and have it right away instead of waiting for it to get shipped! and i saw the turquoise one in the alltel store...i swear i could have drooled all over it for hours!! So pretty!!

10. DRM unregistered

I want the LG Scoop Citrus, but Alltell isn't my carrier and isn't even in my area. I just want the buy the phone. Does anybody know where I can do that?

12. unregistered

yeah i am having that same problem...can anyone help???

13. unregistered

all u have to do is buy the phone mite be expensive but u can get it unlocked and wit any gms sumthin like customer

14. jessica46 unregistered

i love the phone but my contract isnt over for a while and its sooo expensive to buy without the 2 year contract

15. unregistered

i know! im having the same problem. i stil have like 17 months on my contract and cant finnd a good price on ebay even though thats what the alltel guy said to do. im stuck

17. anna unregistered

I'm waiting to get the phone next month. I love how cool it looks, and i LOVE to text! Plus, i heard the battery holds on a single charge for up to 3 days!!!

19. unregistered

I just got my lg scoop and its locked and i have no way to get into it so what do I do

23. lilnica

Posts: 2; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

call tghe alltel hone number and talk to hem or go to the alltel store either in waynesboro or in augusta

20. annoymus unregistered


22. lilnica

Posts: 2; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

i am gtting a lg scoop today i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace be happy

24. apromesse unregistered

i like the black one and i mite get one for my birthday and i love the scoop one cause u can do alot with it and i always wanted it for alot of years

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