Alltel now offers HTC Touch

Alltel now offers HTC Touch

Alltel is the secondUS carrier after Sprint to offer the Touch by HTC, but in a different colorversion. The body of the phone is greyinstead of black and the price after all the rebates comes up to $199, asopposed to $249 offered by Sprint. Features and specifications remain the sameas the Touch we reviewed. The rumors state that the phone will soon come to Verizon Wireless as well.

HTC Touch CDMA Specifications

source: Alltel



1. Thomas unregistered

I can not wait until this comes to Verizon. I have been waiting a long time for a phone of this calibur to be offered by Verizon.

2. unregistered

same here, i was gonna go for the pearl but now im definitely waiting for this if the rumors become true

3. greatheart unregistered

I dont know who the buyer is for Verizons phones .. however their choices have surely been lacking of substance , unimaginenative, and down right SUCK! .. When or "IF" Verizon gets the "HTC TOUCH" as part of thier line up .. it would TRULY BE A GREAT SERVICE TO ALL OF VERIZONS CUSTOMERS WHO WANT QUALITY PHONES OF SUBSTANCE AND NOT TOYS!!!! I'LL PURCHASE IT AS SOON AS VERIZON OFFERS IT.

4. Precious unregistered

I am so excited about this phone. I heard that it was released today 01-10-08 at Alltel, I have to get it, hope that all the hype is true, besure to write back n let everyone know.

5. Precious unregistered

I finally got this phone 01/20/08, so far it is SUPER,easy to use, I have not read the user manual, and have managed to navigate just fine. It came with a nice leather case, and other acessories, well worth the price.

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