Alltel launches glossy colorful LG AX8600

Alltel launches glossy colorful LG AX8600
Alltel just launched its version of the LG VX8600 (which has been offered for months by Verizon Wireless in glossy black color, resembling the Chocolate), called the AX8600. It is available in three joyful colors, including Vivid-Blue, Lime-Green and Champagne-Gold. All of them are available for $50 after rebates and with contract.

LG AX8600 is absolutely identical to the VX8600 when it comes to specifications and it has the same electrostatic music-control keys on the front cover. 8600 features 176x220 pixels internal display and additional color external one, 1.3-megapixel camera and microSD slot.

LG AX8600 Specifications

source: Alltel



1. Dominick unregistered

This phone is awsome, the speaker is inhansed and i can hear it now. It doesnt get dirty quick like it used to and i just love the colors alltel has got it going on nowabsolutly love it

2. Tracy unregistered

I have the green one, it is about the 4th phone I have ever owned and I love it!!!

3. Amanda unregistered

I have the blue one. I've only had it for a week, but love it so far. I've heard they recalled the green twice and the gold once. Not sure what that was all about, but mine seems to be good.

57. avasmom unregistered

Yeah I had the gold one loved it!!! They recalled it because the paint was coming off. Now I have the Silver one and I have had problems with the internal chip for the micro-sd card.

4. karl unregistered

I have the blue one and i love it. this is the third phone i had. i think if u dont have this phone. then u need to get one. it rocks. :]

5. DRE unregistered


6. Jen unregistered

My husband and I just bought two on Friday. He got the blue and I got the silver. We are both very pleased and can't say enough good about this phone! Alltel Rocks.

7. Jessie unregistered

Just got this phone yesterday with Alltel...I chose the LG AX8600 (blue) because I figured if I'm stuck with one phone for my two year contract, it might as well be one of the newest ones! I had done my homework and searched all over the web for reviews and was a little worried after reading certain complaints...but I have yet to notice something worth thinking, let alone writing about! So far- Fabulous decision! Gorgeous design, good ringtone volume, great color screens, really good photo quality for a cell phone! Haven't tried the mp3 yet or celltop...probably won't ever need them but nice options to have :) I was worried at first about durability, but I haven't had any problems yet...I did, however, scratch the main screen the minute I got home (a little delicate) when I tried to open the flip with one hand...but I'll deal with a petty obstacle like that for such a good phone! Overall, incredibley pleased and excited to keep discovering new features!

8. Katie unregistered

My mom has this phone but it's the Verizon kind and it's black. When I get a phone I want this one but in lime green! I am in love with it! ♥

9. unregistered

I have the blue lg and am not very happy with it. I have problems staying connected and alot of the times I will get a no service available warning. Even when there is a person standing right next to me using their phone. My battery doesn't last a day. I unplugged it this morning and am down to 2 bars already and haven't even used it. I think I will take it back and get a totally different phone.

51. unregistered

ditto, ditto, ditto -- am so glad to "see" someone else is having the same problems I am. I got the phone in Dec 07, started having problems in Jan 08 and have been continuous. Finally will be getting a new phone sent - have had cell phones a long time, and have never had all the problems I am with this one. Just like you said, can be standing next to the person calling you and the phone's not ringing. You're talking to someone and the call just ends. Doesn't say lost call - it's just like you weren't talking!!! Thanks

56. krazykkat2 unregistered

I feel the same. My son and I both have the blue one. We have had nothing but problems with reception and battery life. I have complained to my service providerl many times, only being told that this phone has a great rep. My son has even paid under his insurance to replace his phone, three times. All of them are the same. I finally was told 2 months ago that alltel stopped offering this phone because of all the problems. They agreed to replace it, but when they looked at when I purchased it, they said that I had missed the year waranty by one month. After a whole year of complaining and no results and now I have missed it by one month.

58. mandy123 unregistered

Oh my Gosh Me too!! So mad had a gold one and the paint chipped so they recalled it have had 3 silver phones since then, I call Alltel and they say " oh we can help you go into a store and we will replace it promptly" go in to the store, completely different story, sorry your warranty isn't up, go in two wks ago it was up in april so now they can't help unless I file and insurance claim for $50 so I did that you know what they sent me the same phone!!!

67. unregistered

You know, I was wondering why Alltel stopped carrying this phone and now I understand why. I've had the blue one for about a year now and had no problems up until a couple of months ago. I've dropped it a couple of times, but nothing serious. I dropped my Razr too and never had the problems that I've had with this LG. It does random things such as the front and inside screen will go out, when I put it on vibrate the screen goes out (?), sometimes the screen is displayed backwards, and I've had many complaints from people that I text that they get duplicates of my text messages. Also, I don't know if it's because of the amount of service I have or what, but I'll go to call someone and receive 4 text messages at once, as if my phone was holding them until I called someone or they were just floating out in space. It gets annoying because I'm constantly getting text messages hours later than they were sent. I'm counting down the months until I can get a new phone!!!!

69. unregistered

SAME EXACT PROBLEMS! i got the silver one in January 08 worked great for a while, but all of a sudden the service went to hell, and now the battery lasts maybe 18 hours, i have to charge it everynight, i want to get it returned or whatever, but now with the verizon-alltel merger idk but does anyone know how to go about getting a new phone out of it, cause no matter what, the phone should have lasted longer then this!

10. cc unregistered

I purchased this phone 5 weeks ago. I am on my 5th battery/phone since I keep returning it because the battery will not stay charged. It will not stay charged more than 5 or 6 hours. I'm going back tomorrow to get a different phone.

71. unregistered

I have had 2 (mine and my wife's) AX8600 for the past year with no problems. All of a sudden, in the past month, my battery will not last more than 6 hours. This applies to both of our phones, so I know that it must be something with the service. By the way, it cost me $80 to find out that it is not the battery. If anyone knows what happened here or what to do about it, I would appreciate knowing. Thanks, Jonny

11. del unregistered

I purchased3 alltel LG phone and they really suck, I't was the biggest mistake i ever made in purchasing a phone. One fell completely Apart, and the picture face in the front screen went white around the second week. Another did the same thing now i have to shake it to get it to come back in. I made the wost purchase ever. Now i have 3 phone that are no good for 2 year. I have been with alltel for 9 years and now they have been rude and lying.I hate to have to leave them after being a loyal customer for so long but i am switching maybe i'll get go service somewhere else.. Any suggestions.

12. Victoria unregistered

im 14 and i have this Phone but in lime green its the best with its mp3 player and camera that also does video its awesome.We have my circle so i can talk to any 10 people for free in the US,I WOULD NOT TRADE MY PHONE FOR ANYTHING! I love alltel too MY ADVICE GO WITH ALLTEL WE have had them for 7 years there the best!

13. Lana unregistered

This is the best phone! I have the green one. Strangers come up to me and tell me they love my phone, or my phone is so cute. It works great and I have never had an issue with it. Alltel however....

14. Derek Brasee unregistered

I have had this phone since the beginning of august 2007 and i am on my third phone due to them freezing up when i try to view my sent text messages. i would not suggest getting one of these. I also would not suggest going with alltel since extending my contract in the beginning of august i have had nothing but problems with them such as getting charged for things that i never downloaded. After this contract is up i am done with them!!

15. Ryan unregistered

My Phone is only 3 months old and It says battery Low When in full charge and it cuts off. Everyone I know who has this phone has also had difficulties. I would not reccomend it

16. unregistered

if you get one, DO NOT get the green one. it has a crappy battery life and has other problems.

17. Marsha unregistered

My daughters Blue LG AX8600 cell phone from Alltel is poorly functioning after 7 months of service. She has to charge it 2 times a day to keep it working and it has a poor signal. Also, Alltel will not honor their 1 year warrenty on that phone.

18. Marsha unregistered

Also, the poorly functioning LG AX8600 phone from Alltel is under a 2 year contract. I think that their should be some laws to protect consumers from the contracts if they sell shotty phones to people. I have been with Alltel for a long time - 12 or so years - and they have been nice to me until recently. This time they have been rude and they did not honor their warrenty. I think I am going to buy out of the contract and get another company after doing some research.

19. peter unregistered

the phone itself is great. it is just the battery that is poor. after 2 days the battery dies . alltel does not know what they are doing. their customer service is bologna

20. yo yo ma unregistered

I just got the phone yesterday and I couldn't be happier with it and the people who work at alltel. It's beautimus and I am enjoying it. As for the battery thing, every phone I've ever had has problems keeping a charge after a few months.. just means you have to purchase a new one.

21. Joanna unregistered

I am on my 3rd phone in about 7 months. At first they seem to work great but as time goes by the reception gets worse and worse until I can't hardly make any calls. I take it to Alltel and their response is that they cant guarantee service. But my friends are getting service in the same area. HMMMMM. Biggest piece of crap that I have ever purchased. DON'T WASTE UR MONEY.

22. Reagan unregistered

I bought the blue LG in late August, about 2 1/2 weeks after buying it the battery wouldn't hold a charge. I went to take it back and they said i went over my returne time so they replaced it and gave me one just as crappy. I am now on my third phone like this one they have given me and they said if i was still having problems then i'd have to use my insurance! HELLLLOOOoOOo if i didnt break the phone then i shouldnt have to pay $50 to get a stupid Moto Razar that Alltel wants to get rid of. I payed $200 for that LG and I want my money back!

23. Amber unregistered

I also have the lime green LG AX8600 from ALLTEL. I love it so much, mine hasnot hady any major problems although i'm not exactly clear on the whole MP3 part. My mom has the blue one. she had to get it replaced because of battery problems. mine has been fine, a few minor problems, but we cleared them up & they had nothing to do with the phone itself. thanx :)

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