Alltel introduced Motorola ROKR Z6m

Alltel introduced Motorola ROKR Z6m
Yesterday Alltel added Motorola Z6m to its assortment of offered mobile devices. Being a member of the ROKR music phones series, the CDMA slider offers 3.5 mm stereo jack and stereo Bluetooth. Other significant features are the EV-DO support, GPS, 2-megapixel camera, 65K QVGA display, USB and microSD with available 2GB card in the phone kit. The stated price by Alltel is $129.99 after $100 mail-in rebate.

source: Alltel



1. unregistered

Don't buy this phone. Any MP3 that you save, weather from bluetooth or mem card, can not be set as a ringtone! I'm not finding anyway around buying from alltel or on of the axcess apps. I'm not saying its impossible but I haven't found a way yet. Money hungry company wants you to only buy ringtones from them. AT&T Phones let you trade mp3s and set as ringtones. Why Alltel does this is pure greed!

2. unregistered

Well you can use the songs you have on your memory card as ringtones. you just have to save the song to your phone and then apply it as a ringtone.

3. unregistered

how di=o u apply a mp3 song u have saved as a ringtone???? sum1 plz help

4. unregistered

You can't since the uprade. I bought one yesterday because the sales associate said that I could cut my own ringtones. Bulls***!

5. unregistered

I've spent the last 2 days trying to find a way around this issue. Everything I've found for tips doesn't work on any alltel phone made after Feb. 08. Greedy bastiches!!! Any new info would be great. Good luck.

6. unregistered

I have tried several ways to set my music as ringtone and its not working. I agree alltel is to selfish and money hungry.Come on people give us a break!!

7. unregistered

i can not even freakin set a bluetooth ringtone as my ring tone. if u know how email me and tell me at

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