Alltel adds 1M subscribers, commits to LTE

Alltel adds 1M subscribers, commits to LTE
Alltel announced that they added one million new subscribers in 1Q08, very robust growth for the nations number five carrier. The company has also has chosen LTE as their 4G data solution, though the upgrades are still 3-5 years out said CEO Scott Ford. Alltel becomes the third US carrier to commit to the technology, and the second CDMA carrier to switch to the GSM upgrade path following Verizon's lead.

source: Alltel and RCR (via EngadgetMobile)



1. unregistered

Here's the thing to remember burymeinblack, if sprint is still around in 3-5 years they will basically be the only carrier where it's subscribers can not use their phone overseas. that's not the kind of carrier i want to be with.

3. burymeinblack

Posts: 19; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

Actually there are alredy world phones with sprint. There has been. So you might want to double check your info.

2. unregistered

burymeinblack, No, WiMax is NOT up. It will be launching at the end of the year in ONE market (Washington-Baltimore). Get your facts straight.

4. burymeinblack

Posts: 19; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

Hmm. Let me see. It's ready for commercial launch. What's that mean again? Besides. Later this year VS. 3-5 years? I choose later this year. Don't know about you.

5. Anonymous2 unregistered

Wi-max may be advertising a commercial launch, but at this time the technology still relys on a CDMA backbone, and if you were to look at sprint's coverage area, the ENTIRE middle of the U.S. is all ALLTEL towers. They only announced the partnership between ClearWire, Sprint, Google ect last week..... so they most certainly do not have the technology out that is 4G yet. The actual peramiters of 4G have not even been defined yet and NO company has any 4G tehnology running at this time. And as far as world phones go, you still have to buy a GSM chip to make them work.

6. burymeinblack

Posts: 19; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

Right. Or maybe you just don't want to admit that a "Sinking ship" like sprint is beating everyone to the punch. And no, The Mogul, and Samsung Ace are both phones that don't require a seperate purchase. The Ace comes with one already in the box and The Mogul doesn't need it. Found out when I went to London last month.

7. unregistered

wimax is in no way technologically related to cdma

8. bgibson unregistered

The Mogul is not a world phone, and has no GSM compatibility. So technically yes, it does require a seperate purchase; a different phone.

10. unregistered

wimax is an extension of wifi, basically, wifi on steroids. it is going to be used to cover high population areas (called cities) and is not going to be a national service like 3g or LTE is going to be. In the end it may come out faster, but it will be a slower service and only in localized areas, just instead of covering starbux its going to cover the city. Thats fine if you never leave the city, but if you want it to work on the road, your screwed.

9. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

WiMax cmon look they are the only ones using it because they think that it will save them when in reality most customer dont even know what the hell 3g is and they dont care. The only thing that could have saved sprint was the instinct if it was released in the 4th quater of 07, but no they will drop it in June and we all are about 99% postivite that the 3g IPhone will come out and will destroy all sales of all phone companies for 1 month. Sprint you are idiots Dan (Sprints new ceo) you got thrown to hell and you are trying to save it but it not working I feel sorry for you and all sprint customers

11. anonymouschica unregistered

ha! yall really have too much time on your hands to rave about this stuff. someone must have stock in the company.

12. Prodigy unregistered

Sprint already has the best data network and wireless plan in the US. WiMax devices will fall back on sprint's 3G network where there is no WiMax coverage. WiMax also has several companies signed up to make devices and OS for the network. LTE sounds good on paper but who's to say what happens in 3-5 years. Who will make devices, OS, and what network will LTE fall back on Verizon, AT&T, AllTel??? Who else in the US is going back LTE? All these questions need to be answer before we go crowning LTE the next great thing. WiMax has google, intel, Comcast, etc. with Sprint's strong data network history WiMax looks to be on the safe bet.

13. anonamouse unregistered

ok so sprint is losing 100k customers this quarter so anyone that thinks that they are not a joke is in fact a joke themselves, and saying sprint has the best data network in the country, are you serious?l verizons covers 80% of the u.s. population and no other company is even close to that with rev a so......

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