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Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G925F) shows up on AnTuTu: 5.5-inch Quad HD display and Android Lollipop included

0. phoneArena posted on 04 Dec 2014, 23:42

It looks like the Galaxy S6 is already out in the wild - being benchmarked on AnTuTu. Even so, Samsung will likely not announce it before February 2015...

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posted on 05 Dec 2014, 01:37

18. MEeee (Posts: 365; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

5.5" S6 will have the same overall size as the S5. 6" Note 5 will have the same size as the Note 4. If you think it's too big, then the 5" S6 mini.

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 01:44 4

20. fzacek (Posts: 2486; Member since: 26 Jan 2014)

Samsung would have to be retarded to give the S6 a display so close in size to the Note 4...

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 01:44 3

21. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

5.5 is too big when they have a perfectly good 5.1 inch QHD screen they can use.

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 02:18

25. 0xFFFF (Posts: 3806; Member since: 16 Apr 2014)

The simple truth of the matter is that as long as Samsung is making phones for carriers instead of customers, they are going to continue to slide downhill.

When Samsung loads up their phones with bloatware, then allows the carriers to put all sorts of non-removable crap on the phones, allows carriers to push OTA updates with even more non-removable crap, and then locks the phone down, it doesn't matter what chip is in the phone. It's already guaranteed to deliver a substandard customer experience. And this will result in Samsung's continued gradual downhill slide.

Look at the Nexus 6 frenzy. A lot of people are sick and tired of Samsung's endless bullsh!t.

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 03:30

30. Ashoaib (Posts: 3229; Member since: 15 Nov 2013)

since they have started locking things down, their sale is going down... I didnt wanted to buy note 4 due to these lock downs but note 4 is arguably so well specd with beautiful display that I bought it... if any other OEM was offering the same specs, I might not went for samsung

posted on 06 Dec 2014, 12:52

43. AustinPaul (Posts: 72; Member since: 13 Dec 2011)

Agreed - but Samsung got to where they are/were through building compelling phones. With the slide in sales, I would have to believe they're smart enough to adjust their thinking with regard to excessive features that lots of customers don't want or use. They already started thinning the skin w/ the Note 4 and S5, and just have to expect they'll keep doing it. I'm anxious to see what they do with 5.0 combined w/ lighter TW in '15.

posted on 07 Dec 2014, 09:40

47. elitewolverine (Posts: 5192; Member since: 28 Oct 2013)

I would agree if the nexus 6 outsold samsung phones.

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 02:33 1

29. b0g23 (Posts: 14; Member since: 26 May 2012)


i hope the technology used in the new SOC is 14/16 FinFET nm not 20nm HKMG,

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 03:42

32. Bertelgeus (banned) (Posts: 126; Member since: 15 Oct 2014)

Summary: Samsung again makes fools of their ex/current customers, just as it always has been.

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 05:47

33. xondk (Posts: 1904; Member since: 25 Mar 2014)

Hmm well if its an OIS camera that'd be nice, though I would say that they shouldn't make it bigger then galaxy s5, should keep it at that size and don't make it thinner either there is no reason to do so, that said international model is probably again going to have to use the non samsung processor

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 06:39 1

34. KingKurogiii (Posts: 5713; Member since: 23 Oct 2011)

Samsung was pushing it with the size of the S5 and if the S6 is truly bigger then i see no reason at all not to wait for the Note 5...

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 07:36

35. Predator1701 (Posts: 110; Member since: 28 Oct 2014)

Galaxy S6 has to be what S5 should have been from the start, a complete redesign with monster specs. And they shouldn't make it larger then 5.2' because that is the sweet spot for mass market these days 4.7'-5.2'. I'm voting for this: 5.2' QHD screen, Snapdragon 810/Exynos 7, 3GB of RAM,3300 Mh battery, Gorilla glass 4, 20.7 MP camera with OIS and i'm happy.

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 17:43

40. 0xFFFF (Posts: 3806; Member since: 16 Apr 2014)

Qualcomm has delayed SD810, so we may get another year like 2014 it looks like. Crap chips until September when the SD810 will finally ship in volume.

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 12:16 1

39. KonaStang4.6 (Posts: 175; Member since: 04 Nov 2011)

Absolute Innovation. *slow clap*

posted on 07 Dec 2014, 14:54

48. ojdidit84 (Posts: 458; Member since: 16 Jul 2011)

Heeeeeeyyy... That's not Gallitoking! D:

posted on 05 Dec 2014, 21:56

41. Federated (Posts: 263; Member since: 06 Mar 2010)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 will ship late Summer / Fall. Guaranteed SoC for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in 2015.

posted on 06 Dec 2014, 08:29

42. idroidsht (Posts: 43; Member since: 11 Nov 2014)

Karma is real and it is alive. Your shamelessness to steal openly will be met with Karma. that chamfered design of the ilPhone 5/5S is so beautiful. It was stolen shamelessly. Call a spade a spade.

posted on 06 Dec 2014, 13:10 1

44. dimas (Posts: 2525; Member since: 22 Jul 2014)

What's with this karma crap? People still believe in mystical stories by their grandparents? All phone manufacturers get ideas from each other without any exception. A 4-cornered rectangle is also limited to what a designer can do to it. Samsung sales is going down because of many scientific and marketing factors, not because of your karma whale unicorn or whatever you want to call it.

posted on 14 Dec 2014, 20:20

49. babyk (Posts: 323; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

Please samsung I need s6 5.5 inch. Get that through your head.....

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