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Accessory Fail: Retro 2 Go handset holster

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Accessory Fail: Retro 2 Go handset holster
Accessory Fail: Retro 2 Go handset holster
Some ideas should stay in the idea zone – forever. You may have noticed those retro handsets that can be plugged into your cell phone floating around various websites. As if that isn’t horrible enough, an accessory for your accessory (cell accessory inception, yes) has been release to allow you to schlep your ironic, throwback with you everywhere you go.

The “Retro 2 Go” comes in black or clear and easily clips to your pocket or belt. While at first glance, this does look like it may be a fun gag gift, let us also inform you the Etsy seller is bringing in $25 a pop plus $10 shipping in the US, even more elsewhere in the world.  That’s just for the clip; you’ll still have to obtain your own retro handset. Thirty. Five. Dollars. Seriously.

source: Etsy via Gizmodo

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