AT&T's refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is recalled due to counterfeit batteries

Memories of last year's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recalls will resurface once you hear the story about the AT&T refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 10,200 units of this refurbished phone had to be voluntarily recalled through the FedEx Supply Chain. These units were shipped to consumers by Federal Express from December 2016 through April of this year to replace units that the carrier's device replacement insurance agreed to replace...
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24. GrosseFatigue

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I had 2 Note 4s. Batteries were plagued with problems, a known issue. Phones would shut down repeatedly, cycle. For one Note 4 getting a new battery directly from Samsung fixed the problem. The other unit has to be shipped to Samsung for repair. I had a good experience with Samsung services. I must say that I have 4k screens since then and I cant see myself buying a cell that is not 4k -and Amoled (I had a 4k Motorola). As far as the new refurb Note 7 I don't know why anybody would buy one as a Galaxy S8 plus can be had for the same price or less used with better specs and larger screen.
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