AT&T to get another RAZR2, V9x with GPS

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AT&T to get another RAZR2, V9x with GPS
Motorola RAZR2 V9 has been available with AT&T since September last year, but now it seems that the carrier will offer another variant, called the V9x. Almost nothing has changed and it will be available in bluish dark-gray color instead of deep burgundy for the original RAZR2 V9. Similar to the slider RIZR Z9, it will feature integrated GPS for navigation, using AT&T’s service. The cool thing is that the press photos show the V9x navigation working with the shell closed. Other specifications will most probably remain identical to the standard V9.

Motorola RAZR2 V9x Preliminary Specifications

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1. unregistered


2. primewax unregistered

Motorola may suck, but this is a cool step in the right direction. I wish my VZNavigator worked on the outer screen lol

3. unregistered

I agree with you. Motorola may suck (not always) but this is very innovative.

4. sinfulta unregistered

It does work on the outside screen if you have a motorola. You probably have an LG. Samsungs do the same also, so LG is the only brand you can't use on the outside screen.

5. unregistered

unless you have the env2. it works on the outside screen. and the voyager... so?

7. unregistered

VZNavigator does work on the outer screen.

8. Big Red unregistered

Verizon's VZ Navigator has long worked on the outer screen, at least it did on the enV XV9900 that I used it on.

10. ohcomeon unregistered

very funny. the env2 only has a single-line outer display. what does the display read on vznavigator? the name of the upcoming street?

6. unregistered

this is like the v9 that rogers got in canada

9. unregistered

Motorola is the brand in phones that noobs start with... Like the leather armor or short sword in MUMORPEGERS.

11. ohcomeon unregistered

in second life i have a motorola razr v3 and and the ipod mini as my n00b gadgets. "but everybody know, ipod mini is for girls"

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