AT&T to be cleared for Verizon spectrum deal by the FCC

AT&T to be cleared for Verizon spectrum deal by the FCC
AT&T's spokesman, Mark Siegel, has been busy lately explaining all kinds of blunders. This time however, he didn't have to blush for the reporters, but announced that AT&T is close to signing off on the $2.35 billion deal for Verizon's rural spectrum by month's end as planned.

The Federal Communications Commission chairman has been cited to ask four other members to approve the deal, which will be voted on in the coming weeks. The rural spectrum was property of Verizon, but had to be put on the market in order for the carrier to win regulatory approval for its own Alltel buyout.

source: Reuters



1. Kblakeshot

Posts: 10; Member since: Jan 05, 2010

Yes, more proof of a Verizon iPhone.... haha totally joking, but I knew someone would take it there.

2. wade1968

Posts: 224; Member since: Apr 12, 2010

great so now the data hogs will be on verizon bands to suck the life out of verizon and cause more problems. who's dumb greedy idea was this?

3. rwolf1984

Posts: 536; Member since: Jun 06, 2009

Nice, Nice...This is great. Hopefully this will help AT&T further build out their network and improve coverage and data services in rural areas...

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