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AT&T tells customers to buy anything except the Apple iPhone?

0. phoneArena posted on 01 Aug 2012, 14:30

Anonymous AT&T reps are reporting that they have been told to steer customers toward any smartphone except the Apple iPhone; it doesn't make sense because after all, for more than its first 3 years of life in the U.S., Apple's smartphone was synonymous with AT&T...

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posted on 01 Aug 2012, 16:23 2

54. 14545 (Posts: 1676; Member since: 22 Nov 2011)

I don't use the 1400 minutes I pay for now. But yes, I have actually looked at the tiered plans, and my bill will increase 40 a month if I switched to them. I use ~6gb of data a month, and my fiance uses ~2, so I would have to have a minimum of the 10gb plan, and adding in my stupid dumbphones increases it 30 bucks for each one. So my bill would jump from 205 to ~250. And clearly you know since I'm here I don't pay for tethering. I RARELY use it, but I don't pay for it either. Nor would I. (PS, FCC ruled against VZW on this matter anyway. At least concerning the capped plans.) I'm all for usage based billing if it is reasonable. 2GB isn't reasonable. VZW in 07 when I first signed up for my data plan considered 5GB R&C, but now after smartphones have increased in popularity, it's 2? Seriously, that doesn't even make sense. Also, those that "abuse" unlimited data are in a very small minority, AND IF VZW was so concerned about them, throttle them just like everyone else except sprint. That's the reason I don't give that argument much thought. I don't agree with those that use 10-20-120gb of data a month, but VZW agreed to give them service for that. They should have termed their contracts if it was that big of a deal. This 2GB BS allows for VZW to rake in overages from even the most casual smartphone user, and I will go back to a dumbphone before paying more than 205 dollars a month for service. That's my cap. It is my SECOND largest bill that I pay every month. Only my mortguage exceeds its. That's where I draw the line and Fran can KMA if he thinks otherwise. It won't save me money, as unlike most of your customers I have actually looked into it. In relative terms, I pay 37.50 a month for "data" in the form of my home internet, and it isn't capped. Yes, spectrum is limited thanks to our wonderful crappy government, but that's not my fault, and VZW is just trying to rake in every last penny. Well, I've been pushed too far. Smartphones are a want, not a need, and before paying another dime a month I'll either switch or drop the service altogether. And I assure VZW that I am not alone. As I have seen my opinions expressed elsewhere.

Lastly, as far as tethering goes, it should have never been more to begin with. What does it matter if that bit is consumed by the phone or by another device that uses the phones modem? It's seen no differently as far as VZW is concerned, a bit is still a bit no matter it's use.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 16:35 1

58. 14545 (Posts: 1676; Member since: 22 Nov 2011)

Oh, and I actually had your CS run the numbers too, and even the "best" she could do was (IIRC) a 20 dollar increase with the 6gb plan based off the usage of my lines. You can't save me any money with these crappy plans. Maybe if they offered 1000 minutes for 60 dollars less, then you might could. But I could care less about unlimited minutes. I use about 600 a month across 4 lines. But I pay for 1400 because ONE month of going over by as little as 100 minutes and I have blown more than the 20 dollars a month in "savings" from that cheaper 700 minute plan. So in theory I have been throwing away 240 dollars a year to VZW because they have never offered a decent intermediate plan to the 700 and 1400 minute plans. However, they do with the individual plans. As they have the "900 minute" plan there.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 17:02 2

62. OSFantasma (Posts: 119; Member since: 27 Sep 2011)

can you blame them.. they don't want to be limited when they were eclusively told they could do what ever with out worry of overages those day are over.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:49 2

47. CivicSi89 (Posts: 349; Member since: 23 Jul 2011)

also. You want true freedom? Buy an unlocked Galaxy Nexus and jump around carriers till you find something you like. But i guarantee you wont get the coverage or the speeds that VZW offer doing that.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 16:29

56. 14545 (Posts: 1676; Member since: 22 Nov 2011)

Um, I've been on other carriers. And the only thing VZW has a leg up on is coverage. But I live in a major city, so that is pretty much a moot point anyway. Speed, ATT's LTE is faster, and both Tmo and ATT's "3G" is faster. I get you are a salesman, but I'm not your typical customer that comes in completely uninformed about what I'm going to buy. I wish I could buy an UNLOCKED multiband device from someone other than VZW for use on VZW's network. But of course I can't. I can only use that unlocked nexus on two carriers in this country, and one completely sucks as far as coverage goes, and the other just sucks altogether. (Tmo and ATT in that order)

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 17:02

63. CivicSi89 (Posts: 349; Member since: 23 Jul 2011)

Lol and im not your typical salesman. :) I dont care about verizons policies or any of that. I care about PEOPLE. And if that means switching carriers so you can find your means then by all means go ahead. I feel your pain boss. I really do. I live in a major city as well. (Chicago) And if im not mistaken, Dosent the Google Galaxy Nexus support AT&T's HSPDA+ Bands?

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 17:57 1

73. gallitoking (Posts: 4721; Member since: 17 May 2011)

by saying you care about people.. that made you a typical salesman... just saying

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 18:12 2

76. CivicSi89 (Posts: 349; Member since: 23 Jul 2011)

as opposed to?

posted on 02 Aug 2012, 02:28 1

105. roscuthiii (Posts: 2247; Member since: 18 Jul 2010)

A typical salesman would not encourage a lost sale, or for a customer to seek another carrier.
Troll school must have let out.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 14:51 9

19. Jeradiah3 (Posts: 1125; Member since: 11 Feb 2010)

I used to work for AT&T so i will tell you this from my standpoint.............

I worked for an AT&T authorized retailer and WE were taught to sell anything other than the iPhone because of the profit margin and it occured LONG BEFORE AT&T had LTE!! It is true that the iPhone is one of the most popular phones within AT&T, but its an expensive sell for AT&T in general because you dont get alot of commission for it. I sold a few iPhones and in order for me to "break even" I had to add an accessory or 2. if the authorized retailer had an issue, i know that the corporate store were worse.

Its not just about the customers' preference, its about "what sells!" Android has a higher profit margin than Apple and I cant go into the specifics to explain that. When I left AT&T, I knew that if AT&T didnt beef up their SmartPhone lineup, theyd eventually be in the Red like Sprint

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:37 2

43. TylerGrunter (Posts: 1543; Member since: 16 Feb 2012)

I actually guessed it was something along those lines. The iPhone is so heavely subsidized that the profit margins for the carriers shrink, so they prefer to sell other phones.
In fact if you think about it you get the apparently incoherent conclusion that by buying an Android on the authorized retailers or the carriersĀ“ stores you are subsidizing iPhones.
Thanks for sharing!

posted on 02 Aug 2012, 07:38 1

113. Jeradiah3 (Posts: 1125; Member since: 11 Feb 2010)

The other thing about authorized retailers is that there are not many iPhones in stock to begin with which brings validity to my comment

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 14:58 1

24. shadowcell (Posts: 300; Member since: 28 Mar 2012)

Old news is old. BGR has been known to post falsified rumors and I'd like to see their "sources".

They'd be lucky if Apple and AT&T doesn't press charges for slander.

Sales and activations primarily because of customers patiently awaiting the new model release.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:24 2

39. structureman116 (Posts: 141; Member since: 14 Sep 2010)

This would not be an example of slander. Slander is verbal. When it is in written form it is libel.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:36

42. shadowcell (Posts: 300; Member since: 28 Mar 2012)

Libel, slander....Regardless, we might be seeing SEC taking a closer look at this.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:01 1

25. Roomaku (Posts: 278; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

Isn't this old news? Eh I hope Windows Phone is getting pushed god knows At&t has enough of them....

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:02 5

27. jacky_luvsjrod (Posts: 53; Member since: 26 May 2010)

well tHis is not something new well atleast for the LA area they have been doing that since like last year in every single att store i gone in los angeles i go in asking for a smarthone they show me the android phones first then windows phones then bb they dnt even mention they sell iphones even tho they do cuz i see them on display but i could care less i own an android phone same for my bf he owns an android phone i will never ever and i mean ever go back to an iphone after owning a laaame iphone 4s .

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:12 2

33. J-LoTheGreat (Posts: 32; Member since: 07 Oct 2011)

I have to say I truly enjoy reading the commentson this site better than reading the articles. It is like when I open a Playboy. I read the articles first ;)

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:25 2

40. SonyFTW2020 (Posts: 311; Member since: 03 May 2012)

I think it is only fair that a customer should know that there is more in a store than just the iphone...And if that customer still wants to choose the iphone after seeing that there is also other great phones for BETTER prices, then that will be his/her choice! What's the matter apple fans afraid that android will win over customers because they actually offer better options than apple does?

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:40 4

44. Ravail (Posts: 182; Member since: 14 Oct 2011)

I know iPhones cost carriers lots of cash, but they do have to have it for their customer base.. speaking of the contract that Sprint signed with Apple is just downright retarded.. a 15 billion contract for a company whos net worth is barely over 10 billion? hmm i smell bankruptcy!

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 17:10

65. OSFantasma (Posts: 119; Member since: 27 Sep 2011)

yeah sprint was slow in that route but same as always they thought of it as bait, an extemely expensive bait only problem here is we really don't know how much other carriers end up paying for the iPhone. Though i suspect a huge amount...

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 15:48

46. teengoku (Posts: 4; Member since: 29 Jul 2012)

if they did its probably because the iphone 5 is coming soon

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 16:35 2

57. tedkord (Posts: 14237; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

This is from BGR report, so take it with a grain of salt. Most likely it's not true, but rather is a made up excuse for why Apple phones continue to slide worldwide in market share. They can't accept that consumers are choosing Android of their own volition, so they have to come up with an explanation.

Any time any news comes out with bad numbers for Apple in any way, the BGR machine starts humming to rationalize it.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 16:41 1

59. marchels14 (unregistered)

my sister wants to buy i phone 4s, i told her are you stupid or what,that is the worst idea ever,in UK it costs 500 pounds,for that money you can get something better like Samsung or Sony phone, they are of thee best phones maker out there, she likes the small screen on it,who likes that.so i like the idea that at&t does that because they are true, you can get something better for same amount of money.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 17:06 3

64. Hammerfest (Posts: 384; Member since: 12 May 2012)

"To put that number is perspective, 72% of the carrier's smartphone sales throughout the company was iPhone related."

This last part reads like someone hit you in the back of the head and you wrote it before fully recovering...

Just read it a few times... you will see...

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 17:13 2

66. AstronautJones (Posts: 303; Member since: 01 Aug 2012)

Makes perfect sense.
iPhone used to bring in customers. Now they have competition for the iPhone crowd.
Lower margins on iPhone sales coupled with studies showing higher data consumption by iPhone users=lower profits.

Maybe now the playing field is a little more balanced, maybe consumers can truly be helped to find the best device for that individual.

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 17:46 2

69. sum182 (Posts: 229; Member since: 19 Nov 2011)

This is really just about money, selling an iphone makes them nothing, and others make the a heafty amount. Just business as usual, a little of apple showing in ATNT

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 17:49 3

71. gallitoking (Posts: 4721; Member since: 17 May 2011)

I think is ATT employees who are doing this.. not ATT.. as we can see around here people that work selling phones for x carrier have openly said that they have discourage people that want the iphone for an Android.. so is the haters that are not happy with the iphone success and dedicate their lives if necessary for Apple to rotten.. but on the other side are claiming they do this because they want to have options which in a normal human being it makes no sense...

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 22:30 3

94. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

Fyi, dug your earlier comment. I'm flattered. :p

I do have a reasonable success rate at least getting all but the most rabid fanboys looking at devices other than the iPhone. Which is pretty impressive, considering that I'm in ATT's backyard, where customers only really knew the iPhone for years.

posted on 02 Aug 2012, 00:09 1

100. gallitoking (Posts: 4721; Member since: 17 May 2011)

and is fine Sniggly.. I dont hate Android.. if I see someone like my cousin who likes to play and likes to tweak i will offer Android I have no problem.. i just don understand u guys hate towards Apple... cant believe the you having a good day depends on the sucess of a company.. I hate people who abuses welfare programs but i still live mylife.... I dont go on ever forum and bad mouth that those people...

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