AT&T stores out of iPhone 3G?

AT&T stores out of iPhone 3G?
On Tuesday and Wednesday, CNET’s team made survey to check iPhone 3G availability. During those two days they contacted 50 AT&T stores in 21 cities and unfortunately none of them had it in stock. Some of them haven’t been refilled with iPhones since the official launch day. Most AT&T stores are accepting "direct fulfillment" orders, which means you pay for the phone now and receive it when the shipments arrives, but the process can take between 10 and 21 days.

The Apple retail stores seem to be handling the situation better. Seven of the stores they called had iPhone 3G in stock and three ran out them on Wednesday morning. Currently it is almost impossible to just barge in and get one because of the large amount of orders and long queue. The best chance of getting one at this point is to make an order and wait.

source: CNET



1. unregistered

is anyone really surprised by this??? apple has been doing this "shortage" bull shit for years now. its a game for them

2. JT Strings unregistered

Not me...but im not gonna pay for the phone then have to wait for it to come....yeah right..

5. DamonO unregistered

In that case you will be waiting a long time or paying a lot more than everyone else. They're going for over $1,000 on ebay.

41. unregistered

Hmmm...$1,000 isn't bad. It's just $1,000 more than it's worth...

3. David A unregistered

its always good to see apple try corporate shortage tricks. they should realize the only people who will buy these anyways are apple fan boys and they would buy them all up at once.

6. DamonO unregistered

I am not a fan of Apple, but if I had AT&T I would buy one. Too bad I will probably never purchase AT&T service.

4. C-Chickie unregistered

Instant Gratification. Thats want makes us all happy. It sit anxiously by the mail box staring down any delievery person is just NOT fun! I wasnt at all surprised by this. Its unfortunate that Apple is doing this.

7. DamonO unregistered's not just Apple who does this. It's called supply and demand. They only release so many at a time because they want to keep the hype up on the product they are selling.

8. TNT unregistered

Apple could easily produce a hundred milllion of these if they wanted. The sad thing is it IS Apple this time using 'supply and demand' to its fullest.

14. unregistered

you said that "this tim apple is using supply and demand" like its the first time they have ever done it. since the release of th original ipod apple has done this, its strategic marketing. only thing about doing that is that it pisses some people off then they go and buy a different phone or mp3 player.

9. pabent

Posts: 1; Member since: May 06, 2008

Last week the industry was abuzz with rumors that next generation phone company Ribbit, was sold to BT for $55 million. While the rumored sale is still unconfirmed, one reason why BT would want Ribbit has not yet been discussed; Mobile VoIP. You see Ribbit has a pretty slick iPhone application, that while not released yet, would enhance BT’s current Mobile VoIP offering. Sure, there is Ribbit’s 4,000 platform developers who might be worth something, but not $55 million. With Mobile VoIP companies like Nimbuzz (who grabbed a second $13 million round in funding) I think that BT sees Ribbit as an affordable way to enhance their current Mobile VoIP pursuits.

42. unregistered

What the hell are you talking about and what relevance, if any, does that have with Apple creating demand by limiting the supply to the consumer? This isn't a production issue; Apple has learned from Nintendo (Wii...hellooo) that the consumer wants what they can't get. Unfortunately for Apple, we don't want what we can't get when it comes to the iPhone...Didn't see that one coming did you Jobbs???

10. unregistered

If they made a ton of them it would've taken longer to release, why does everyone even care so much? If you don't want it and don't like it why would you care it's sold out? Pretty sure every new big electronic (PS3, Wii) sells out when it's first released. You people need lives outside of iPhone news.

11. SprintDude unregistered

Yea honestly why do people wait in line for hours even a day just for a phone that is a Ipod Touch lol. You do know they do this stuff on purpose to make people and the demand for a new product to sky rocket. because if they produce too many of them and dont sell out then what was the purpose of having a new product on the market???

12. SprintDude unregistered

HTC Touch Diamond or HTC Rafael, is far much better of a phone than the 3G I-phone and its not even out yet.

16. unregistered

yea the fact that it's not even out yet makes your comment pretty much pointless because you haven't even used it, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

32. unregistered

anything running windows is bound to SUCK. ill stick to landlines

13. unregistered

Apple's strategy is working.......they made the news and all of you are talking about it.

15. casius unregistered

vzw fanboys nervous yet..ATT still live iphone the best phone still...continue to hate NERDS...hate is the new love.

25. unregistered

Nervous about what? The iphone 2.0? more like 1.1. What the crap does that thing do thats new again? Cost less? Run on a barely there 3G network? Download 3rd party apps? Sweet. So when will the list of it's CANS get longer than it's CAN'TS. Let me know when AT&T starts getting recognized for network reliability/availability/customer service consistantlly. AT&T? Oh yeah, thats that company that has the iphone. Thats all they are known for.

33. unregistered

sucks that iphone is running on ATT, shit ass service but great phone. once verizon gets the memo that gsm is better, at&t will plumet

43. unregistered

gsm? verizon has no intention on going to gsm. CDMA is working just fine considering the network is better then any gsm network in the US. everyone made a big deal about 3g coming out with ATT, hahaha verizon has had its EVDO network for a while now and with EVDO you actually get service in more places then you do with 3g. Im sure they'll expand there 3g network sooner or later but it will still be a few years before they catch up in network size.

17. unregistered

yeah well I live in south Dakota where we can't even get the iPhone. So I'm stuck with my poor crappy voyager.

18. unregistered

its not like the iphone iz better than the voyager

34. unregistered

voyager is a BRICK...very dorky

19. unregistered

I've seen some pretty dumb comments on here. Number 19, why the hell would you want an iPhone 3G when there is no 3G in S. Dakota? Please explain that to me. You are better off getting the original phone. As a matter of fact, in S.D. ( if you look at their coverage map ) just about all of the coverage you have out there is roaming from another carrier's tower. And this is the type of service you want? Oh, I forgot, because the iPhone is "cool" and everybody else has one ... duuuhhhhh!!!! To #17 ... nope, I'm not a VZW fanboy, I just enjoy great service. What the hell makes the iPhone the "best phone" ever??!!! Please tell me. It's a nice phone, but I'll stop there. Let's see: No MMS, higher price plan than the original, no removable battery, AT&T and Apple are still unsure about insuring the damn thing, music purchases can only be done with a WiFi connection, and it's a 3G capable phone that runs on a network that has very little 3G coverage. Did I mention that if you try to use the syncing doc from the previous version it won't work? Ooops, that's another $30 to shell out. Yeah, this is definitely the best thing since sliced bread .... Moldy bread.

21. unregistered

What are you scared of, Wi-Fi??? Wi-Fi is faster than 3G or Ev-Do...

23. unregistered

we do have 3 g in south Dakota. VERIZON and alltel... Not like that matters. I'm just saying it sucks having very little options when it comes to phones. No AT&T and no tmo.

26. unregistered

You are better off without AT&T and TMO. Look at the track record. EVERY JDpower award went to VZW and Altell (exept a cust service awad to TMO). Consumer reports? Yeah they went with VZW also. If you have tried the two best reviewed comanies in the industry and hated them, where is the logic in wishing for a company that doesn't even WORK OUT THERE! That is why they are rated so poor! Altell, a regional company, beat AT&T!!! A NATIONAL COMPANY!!! Spin it however you want to but it sounds like you are saying "I tried both kinds of cake, and didn't like eaither one. I want to try the DOG SH*T but they don't serve it here in South Dakota." Weird.

27. unregistered

If you are unhappy with the undisputed champion, think about it. Should you try the looser? Or just lower your freaking expectations?

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