AT&T spills details on iPhone 3G pricing

AT&T spills details on iPhone 3G pricing
Last month, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 3G, the price tag of $199 for 8GB and $299 for 16GB were announced. However, these are the prices just for new customers and ones, eligible for upgrade.

If you don’t fit into one of these categories, you’ll have to spend $200 more, $399 for 8GB or $499 for 16GB. In both cases, a two-year contract is required.

For those who don’t want to sign with AT&T, „coming soon” are $599 8GB and $699 16GB variants, which won’t require a contract.

The phone requires a plan that combines unlimited data (Internet) with voice minutes. $70 a month buys you 450 minutes, double the minutes (900) for $90 or 1350 for $110. For $130 you’ll have no limits on both data and anytime minutes.

source: AT&T

Apple posted a guided video tour on the iPhone 3G, explaining what’s new. Check it out.



1. unregistered

Bye Bye AT&T I just sold my iPhone and switched to Verizon. I was one of those people who fell for the Apple hype. I thought hey, I have a Macbook pro so the iPhone can't be that bad....I was wrong. I had horrible reception at AT&T, and couldn't make calls from my house. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't send real MMS... why email? who cares about email when you want to send pictures to your friends who are driving around? No video? I was at a concert and even those free flip phones were taking video...and me with my cool phone...nope...hey I could still browse the web like nobody's business...oh wait, there wasn't wifi around so I had to opt for Edge...great. And the dealbreaker that made me finally get rid of my $600 brick....the NEW one is only $200. Sigh....disappointed apple fan. Least my Mac still works as advertised.

2. Simon D. unregistered

With all due respect, but you should figure out what is it you truly need, do you need a phone for watching movies and listening to music, browsing the net and modifying (using Jailbreak, because this is the only way to get most of the iPhone), OR do you need a clamshell that takes videos and browses 3G (for sinister amounts of money). I, for example, have an iPod Touch (exactly the same like iPhone, but without the camera and call functions) + my Sony Ericsson W200. :) Because this is what in need. And yes, AT&T kinda sucks, but the iPhone is worthed if this is what you need.

3. unregistered

The Dare Does pretty much what you need, it sounds like. Not to throw any more fuel into the Apple Fire... I'm glad you at least gave it a shot and can now atest to the fact that it is indeed not THE BEST PHONE EVER.

4. unregistered

People who say "With all due respect" usually don't mean it.

6. unregistered

It must be pretty sad to live in your world, No: 4.

11. unregistered

Well obviously you are one of many people who buy Mac products just because they look cool and everyone alse is buying them. I mean why would you say "at least my mac works as advertised" that sentence alone proves the kind of techological person you are. Intead of throwing coments about the iPhone, you should've been a smarted consumer by reasearching what the iPhone could/couldn't do for you. Get a life.

21. unregistered

i agree Verizon Wireless is better. The LG Dares does what you want minus the Wifi, but who needs it when you have broadband speeds with EVDO Rev. 0/ Rev. A and it works practically everywhere.

44. unregistered

well with all do respect its about having a cool phone is what was said above, the guy wanted a cool phone offerd by apple hyped up on at&t, If we bought phones based on what we needed there wouldnt be a huge deal about the iphone casue it doesnt do anything. No MMS msging??? what kind of phone doesnt send picture msgs? iphone is turn of the century touch technologyand just happeneds to miss the most universal features? I understand if they left out video capture, but not being able send pix? Oh wait, no voice dialing? Oh wait, no 3g until now? yeah icrap stinks, sorry to say it but a phone so "Powerfull" is really obsolite. If I were someone who wanted everything, Id go with Lg Voyager or Lg Dare by Verizon, touch screen and everything with it, including what at&t lacks, which is network coverage.

5. iphonesux unregistered

get a dare att will never see you again

7. unregistered

Amen baby!!!

8. Osukaru unregistered

Im A VZW Employee and i have to tell you that when it comes to touchscreen technology nothing beats the iphone. the iPhoen has a hgihly responsive touchscreen unlike any of our phones, Voyager is a pressure screen, glyde is decent i was amazed but it does not match up to iphoen touchscreen, dare i have not tryed so cant comment. Overall iphones touch screen is much much better than iphone, also iphone is a PDA stylephone with 3rd party app support unlike any of our "Standard" touchscren phones which are just well Phones! I love our service but i really like the iphones touch screen, we unfortunatelly have nothign to match it.

12. unregistered

finally someone who can make an intelligent comment. Who cares who you work for and what you are/are not loyal to. Make honest comments regardless like this guy and you will get more respect.

22. unregistered

Are you kidding me? If you read one of Osukaru's lines , he wrote "... Overall iphones touch screen is much much better than iphone"... LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He not a Verizon employee ... he just plays one on TV...LMAO!!! What a joke. The Dare has an AMAZING touch screen and everything else the iPhone doesn't .... GPS, MMS, Verizon's coverage, video, and most important.... the option to get insurance. Bite on that Osu.

23. Osukaru

Posts: 68; Member since: Jul 02, 2008

Dude trust me been workign for VZW as a call center employee in Albuquerque, NM center since december 06.... There is NO touchscreen taht matches to the iphones..... just admit it..... i had an iphone for 30 days and decided to return it since i didnt want to pay too much for it per month with only 2g when i have my employee discount with vzw..... all im saying is yes i work for vzw but i can admit that no touchscreen we offer atches to iphoens responsiveness..... most of our phones have a pressure screen (IE you ahve to put pressure on them to activate the screen) the iphone you just touch it and works pretty well...... I love VZW coverage, nothing beats that but when it comes to iPhone im sad we passed on it Also im not arguing about GPS, MMS, Coverage, VIdeo And INsurance...... YEs all our phones can get that but i mean you cant compare Dare to iPhone..... All im refering to is touchscreen amongst other things,

37. unregistered

you may be right about the touchscreen being better but the Dare has way too many tihings working in its favor to make me sway towards the iPhone. yes the touchscreen isn't as good but it's still good. as mentioned in post #34 I'd rather have all the other features as well.

42. noone unregistered

yea well now that the 3g iphone is out u can take ur dare and sit on it cause its not even gonna be able to hold the iphones jockstrap...w 3g and the ability to unlock it to do mms and video record 3rd party apps and emulators now... yea i know hate on a piece of technology that was groundbreaking...there was no phone like it til it came out now everyone is trying to CATCH up to what its doing...ur never supposed to buy the first edition of anything cause its got its that its been out for a year just wait and see man...ur gonna be hating urself

45. unregistered

WOW, well if your looking at having sex with touch technology go get an iTouch, yes your right the touching is great yeah, the phone is fun, WHATS THE POINT?" ITS A PHONE! I dont know about anyone else, but I think a phone should have features but lets be honest the iphone is lacking major basic features while being the most expensive phone toy that plays music and you tube. well its a good thing that iphone incorperated 3 things but left out 10 others, I guess thats what happends when your a Ad junkie, ripping people off with a hyped phone released twice already and price dropped twice as well. this phone is as bad a George W. a whole lot of talk and no follow through, a large media circus.

56. unregistered

Are you kidding tried the dare and the web browsing is horrible try scrolling on the dare and try not to think about if your going t crack the screen and man it cheap feelslike you can crush the dare with two fingers

9. unregistered

I must say I've found no one besides that I can get more bars in more Places besides Verizon. Verizon's service is awesome Love it. As far as the Iphone. I have a Ipod Touch. I love it is the most awesome PDA ever. I use the WI-FI all the time I get all my email contacts calenders everything i need on a PDA I've got it . No camera but the Touch screen response and apps is awesome. Nothing VZW has compares. Great service good phones I also th enV2 Love it good phone good pictures as well. If the IPhone worked in my town I'd so have one. But it does not so I mixed it up VZW phone service Ipod Touch is my PDA.

13. unregistered

The funny thing is if you watch AT&T advertisements they say their claim on more bars in more places is based on WORLDWIDE coverage. Little ridiculous considering 95% of people who have them only use them in the US....

10. sickened unregistered

i am a att manager, and my personal phone is an envy. ATT is a good company, but the big red is taking it to us with thier coverage. i had an iphone, and even though it is a great phone, even the greatest phone is useless without reception.

50. unregistered

AT&T IS NOT A GOOD COMPANY. Just ask anyone who has had service with AT&T for long. I hate AT&T and hate the fact that I have to have AT&T as my service provider so that I can use my Iphone. How can anyone think that AT&T is a good company when they punish early adopters by surcharging them $200 for the new iphone. Don't they understand that I already paid $400 six months ago, to pay another $500 for the new iphone (and then have an extra iphone) is LUDICROUS. AT&T is the worst.

14. jrcrow unregistered

Whoever posted the top comment..LOL! switched to verizon by doing 2 things. 1. IV drip into your arms with your wallet attached nickel n dimed for the life of your service with them 2. Crippling of almost ALL their phones..with Wifi/without..NEVER with both! fun NOT getting reception by the beach!..I had the problem with my friends phone in So Cal while I also had verizon but without their pricey data plan..crap!..ATT..70%/30% as far as reception with ATT in So.Cal..but hey at least I will get what I want when I want it with ATT..PLUS I keep my minutes!!..Verizon will charge you data/ringtone charges PLUS time for using their music portals!..frikkin unbelieveable!

16. elgee02 unregistered

jcrow... you have no clue what you are talking about. ATT and VZW charge almost exactly the same rates for everything. The dare is a lot less crippled than the iPhone, and 3G data is HALF as much... so much for your whole little rant there. Service on the beaches of SoCal is excellent with VZW, I know. It's pretty sad you have to outright lie and make crap up to defend ATT and slander VZW.... weak dude.

18. Osukaru unregistered

Well working for VZW i can tell you no iPhone is not crippled, it just does nto ahve some features that the dare has.... in the other hand all of our phones have bluetooth btu file transfer etc is disabled. Also you cant compare the dare and the iPhone at all, the Dare is a regular phone with no 3rd party app support (Besides those in GIN catalogue), on the other hand with teh iphone you have access to many other apps..... IE thats why its a PDA also which means you get other data features that you cant on the Dare, IE access to email sync and other similar features, GPS is also included and can be used with 3rd apps which with us you can only use it with VZ nav.......\ Comparing iPhone with Dare/Voyager/Glyde is like comparing Apples and Oranges..... yes its really VZW's fault for tryign to place them as iphone competitors but they really are 2 diff kinds of phones

24. unregistered

Osukaru, you're an idiot. It's VZW employees like you that cause customers to jump ship. You don't know what the hell you're talking about. You can't articulate a thought, and you can;t type for shit,'s "on the other hand", not "in the other hand". What country are you from?? Working for VZW, you are not the authority on anything...especially the iPhone. Stick to the hooked on phonics buddy.

26. EN unregistered

I can understand you defending Verizon and the Dare, but its another thing when you have to be rude and try to degrade somebody just because of their cellular choices. I think its pretty sad that you have to make fun of him because of his grammar and not just contradict his comments with concrete facts. Maybe he does have bad grammar. But what does that have to do with anything. If its making it difficult for you to read his comments, the next time you seem something written by Osukaru, SKIP IT! I think he won this little battle because he actually stated facts while you just told him that he isn't anything and that he should stick to hooked on phonics. You sounded like a three year old who had no comeback and said the first thing that came to your mind. Its kind of funny when you wrote: "you can;t type for shit" I think you meant you can't type for shit. Just thought you might want to see your TYPING mistake.

31. Osukaru

Posts: 68; Member since: Jul 02, 2008

Sorry but i could care less about spelling on a forum, And no i can just tell ya that its not people like me who cause people to jump ship. I mean there is a diff between being an employee of a company and worshiping it... i love working for VZW but that mean taht im blind to all the things that we dont have, lets at least be realistic. And having owned an iphone actually helps me detract people from getting one... And thanks for the idiot remark, nothing proves lack of intelligence as name calling, name calling is the fools last resort... (P.S. Im posting my oppinion based on experience, if you dont like it, move along!)

32. Osukaru

Posts: 68; Member since: Jul 02, 2008

And yes i come from another country, Mexico..... Yes im in the VZW spanish queue =).....TVM

38. unregistered idiotic response to an idiotic response. If the above poster is a "three year old", what does it make YOU for making such a response. Are you and Osukaru bed buddies or something? I personally like the iPhone and whether or not the touchscreen is better on the Dare or the iPhone is really up to the user. There are way too many people going by "public opinion" on which has the better touch. I say just try it for yourself and since I did just THAT, I vote for the Dare. The touchscreens are good on both in my opinion. The Dare just has a lot more going for itself. And as for the "hooked on Phonics" comment, I would really like to see more people reduce their number of typos. Maybe then we won't get their intended thoughts scrambled. Man, the bad grammar, run on sentences, and horrible punctuation is what makes me have no faith in the American school system. To make matters worse, you're all "techno geeks"... you are supposed to be the most INTELLIGENT of the group. You could have made your point and then "slinked" away but you just had to make the three year old comment. Thank you for reducing yourself to the level of someone else's post.

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