AT&T rivals Sprint and Verizon by lowering push-to-talk pricing to $5

AT&T rivals Sprint and Verizon by lowering push-to-talk pricing to $5
For AT&T and Verizon, the strategy of lowering the push-to-talk price is simple: what can the company do to undermine the industry leader (Sprint)? Cut prices by fifty percent. AT&T has formally dropped its push-to-talk service to $5 per month, matching Verizon and leaving Sprint, at $10 per month, as the costliest push-to-talk service among the US wireless carriers. Though one can argue that Sprint retains the largest direct connect user base, the $60 savings per year could be tempting, particularly for those with multiple lines of service.

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1. Big Moe unregistered

Way to follow suit AT&T!! Just like everything else....GO VZW!

32. yo momma unregistered

so true! they just cant catch up! lol besides. vzw's PTT network was vastly updated from the previous one. it is awesome! besides, what good is your "superior" iden network if it is not covered as in many places as VZW's? kinda useless if you think about it...

2. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha lol. i totally agree, many things that verizon has, at&t gets after.

3. unregistered

I'll pay $10/month to have push to talk, instead of push to wait...

8. unregistered

push to wait..haha i like that one!

9. unregistered

What they failed to mention is that the $10 you add to Sprint's Individual Plans includes unlimited TEXTING as well as Direct Connect. Kind of important. And of course, it's included with the $99 Simply Everything.

13. unregistered

actually its almost the exact technology that sprint uses with its direct connect... go to a store and try it.... stupid...

14. unregistered

oops i meant q-chat..

4. unregistered

or push-to-hello? hello? is there anyone out there? neither will ever come close to sprint's push-to-talk client base

15. unregistered

compare the coverage map for ptt vs either iden or qchat.... pull it up online

17. unregistered

Actually VZW's ptt is based on the EVDO network. So its much more expansive than what you think.

20. anonymous23 unregistered

The sprints PTT is over the EVDO "fixing to be Wimax" The Nextel is still over iden = Sprint is much better than VZW or ATT

21. unregistered

i agree to that 200%

5. unregistered

the $60 savings will be gobled up by ther redikulos voice priceing

6. PTTuser unregistered

We've tried their PTT, it was so bad we wouldn't use it if they gave it away. They can't have that many subscribers.

24. unregistered

Tried ATT for a month. There is no way anyone who uses PTT would ever consider it. Tried VZW, not even a close 2nd to Sprint/Nextel. Most of our guys have iDENs and a couple have the new stuff, I want the new V950. I played with one of our driver's v950, that is one sweet phone.

7. unregistered

verizon and AT&T should give up on PTT altogether, as long as the iDen network is still up and running and with Sprint still leading the way with Q-chat and Nextel Direct Connect (if iDen should go kaput).

10. unregistered

anyone tried the new PTT on VZW? i played w/ it in a store the other day. it was fast.

12. unregistered

both units have been reviewed by phonearena and they came away wholly unimpressed unless signal was perfect. i believe they even recommended verizon drop ptt altogether, haha.

11. unregistered

How long does it take for PTT on att? 5 seconds? lol 2-3 if it works for vzw sub seconds for sprint and its included in everything but the base minute plans really doesnt help either vzw or att

16. unregistered

How many people use PTT?

18. unregistered

or you can call it to phone won't actually make a call.... plan

19. vzw fanboy unregistered

what is even the purpose for ptt? why not jsut call or text?

30. unregistered

about 15m i believe

22. unregistered


23. unregistered

forget about verizon or AT&T on Direct connect no one can bit SPRINT NEXTEL Verizon Sucks the most Than AT&T.

25. Jusher1 unregistered

I agree no one will be to beat sprint nextel when comes to push to talk I have the V950 that is fast on the push to talk when i went to verizon to try their push to talk their was an employee works for verizon said to me it's not worth it to have to push to talk on verizon it's to better to go sprint if you want real push to talk I am a public safety serving the public with their needs protect the public that's why I prefer sprint nextel push to talk better than verizon.

26. unregistered

i guess having sprint ptt doesnt really help if their no longer in business. way to sell everything off sprint. ptt....ha pick up a phone and call you lazy ass. nobody else wants to hear what youre saying.

27. unregistered

response 26 i hope you understand that all of public safety uses sprints iden network, and that if sprint wasn't used we could be attacked by terrorists or another country and to sit there andwait for verizon or att's network to let the military and public safety know what is going on??i don't think i want to leave that to chance. Stop copying something if you can't do it right. Hands down if public safety and all the government is using it there needs to be no further discussion.

28. unregistered

Sprint kills the ptt or q chat because who ever is using sprint, boost or nextel can all communicate using this therefore if you have at&t you can only talk to people that have the feature and the same goes for verizon so i think that at&t needs to come up with something better than this

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