AT&T really launches Nokia N75 and LG CU500v

AT&T really launches Nokia N75 and LG CU500v
After they were launched and fast removed after that, N75 and CU500v are back on the AT&T's site. The two new 3G (sorry, no HSDPA) clamshells offer multimedia experience with megapixel cameras and external music keys. The LG CU500v is the carrier’s first phone with video sh sharing feature, through the swiveling camera. The Nokia N75 is the first one to run on Symbian 9.1. You can order the CU500v and the N75 for respectively $50 and $200 after the rebates and 2-year contract.

source: AT&T



1. 123 unregistered

CU500V has no video calling, its video sharing its a one way video calling

2. Cingular Employee unregistered

Not True. The CU500v does have two way video calling.

3. unregistered

I have been asking for the two way video calling service and all the local corporate office store can tell me is that they only have video sharing - one way video calling. Please advise how I can get the two way video service, do I have to call into AT&T instead of going to corporate store?

4. unregistered

How do u get two way video calling service

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