AT&T pledges to cover roughly 250 million people with HSPA+ by the end of the year

This time around, we're hearing at how AT&T is going to attempt to cover 250 million Americans with HSPA+ before the end of the year is over...
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16. ILOVEIPHONE25 unregistered

I also notice the spotty AT&T service with my iPhone. I have heard that the iPhone has reception problems to begin with. That's why they are making the new iPhone out of newer material so the signal can be stronger. The major question is, can AT&T keep the iPhone because if not then they won't last the growth of their company.

20. ostranderterry

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I think it really depends on the carrier AND where you live on how good the service is - no carrier can guaruntee you service everywhere that you go I know there are a lot of people on here that hate att but if you look at that q1 stack up of the carriers att may be number two currently but they added over 300 THOUSAND more new lines than verizon and had a .1% less churn percentage than verizon - even with the iphone - they're doing something right, if they weren't their churn percentage would be higher. If you're thinking that the churn is low due to the iphone users having to stay on AT&T - we'll have to wait and see if someone else gets the iphone

26. D-man

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Wow, just now getting to HSPA+ when even TMo completed rollout already. ATT tried to get away with selling that HSPA 7.2 was enough, but people weren't buying it so this move is a sign of desperation. It's compounded by the fact that ATT's years behind everyone else in next-gen network technology. This announcement might be a sign that ATT's reaching for straws now. Consider this: ATT had 85 million suscribers at the end of 2006 as a result of it's merger with BellSouth. From then to now, it's grown to just over 87 million suscribers, but that includes mergers with Cellular One, Alltel, and Centennial wireless among others. It's hard to make a case that without these acquisitions, ATT has grown through improvements or good service. About 6.5 million subcribers at ATT are iPhoners, which is about 14.5% of ATT's contract customers. ATT cannot afford to lose it's relationship with Apple so I expect them to have to either hold Apple to the original agreement get an extension tied to some other way for Apple to easily back out if ATT continues to slide. Any way you look at it, without iPhone ATT would be in big trouble because mergers and getting/keeping subscribers hasn't really worked for them. IMO, ATT simply overcharges for what it offers. HSPA+ rollout should have happened. TMo finished full rollout before ATT - why? Not sure the answer will matter because since it's a variation of 3G, HSPA+ speed is still greatly impacted by # of simultaneous users. 21mbps is only theoretical and probably won't happen. Phones coming out now and in the future are going to expose problems with networks who 1) aren't fast and reliable or 2) aren't widely available. Let's just put it this way ... there have to be some people sitting in some really hot seats ATT right now. What they really should be concerned about - VZW and Sprint increasing their speed of phone introduction and sophistication on Android and other platforms. They have to worried that Apple has to be fully aware that one of the top reasons people like me would never consider an iPhone is ATT's network. BTW - I'm currently and have been an ATT suscriber for over 10 years. But I'm moving somewhere else this summer because ATT hasn't gotten it's game together.

27. whocares

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Thats funny because it was 82 million in july of 09 when I came to at&t.

29. Mateo8326

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32. networkdood

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LOL< AT&T did not have 85 million at the end of 2006 - they have around 89 million now and have gained alot more than 4 million customers since 2006. AT&T did not merge with BELL SOUTH in 2006. In 2004 CINGULAR (owned by BELL SOUTH and SBC) purchassed the old AT&T WIRELESS company (and it really did stink at that time). Customer base was in the 40+ million range after the buyout and that put the company on the national map. AT&T did not merge with ALLTEL, but did agree to take some customers away from ALLTEL/VERIZON - around 1.2 million or so - as part of the deal and mandated by the government. AT&T did not merge with CELL ONE - they purchased DOBSON which is a CELL ONE provider (and there are/were many more). Yes, AT&T did purchase CENTENNIAL, as well as EDGE WIRELESS. T-MOBILE did not finish their own HSPA+ rollout. D-MAN, WTF, gets some facts at least close to being correct, before showing your "face" on here.

33. networkdood

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If you want to read AT&T MOBILITY's history then do a search on wikipedia - the company still has work to do on its network, but with the recent supply shortage coming to an end, they should be able to finish at year's end.
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