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AT&T offers the simple Pantech Breeze

Posted: , by Nanko R.

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AT&T offers the simple Pantech Breeze
AT&T offers the simple Pantech Breeze
AT&T is now offering a new simple phone, the Pantech Breeze. It is an entry-level clamshell with $50 price tag after 2-year contract and a mail-in rebate. Breeze is designed to be easy to use and is advertised for its large numeric and navigation keys and the three extra one-touch quick call buttons. Its idea is somewhat similar to the LG KF300 and will be targeted to elder people and those who want easy to use device at a low price. It is quad-band world phone, with VGA (640x480) camera, Instant Messenger and phonebook capacity of 500 entries.

source: AT&T

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

Verizon has the exact same phone, minus the name, and that color scheme. I don't know why anyone would get this phone.

posted on 25 May 2008, 19:25

2. some guy (unregistered)

because your and idiot, thats why you dont know

posted on 25 May 2008, 19:32

3. shamefulzero (unregistered)

no not cuz hes an idiot. but not everyone needs a highend device like a sidekick or a vu

posted on 25 May 2008, 19:50

4. (unregistered)

I don't care if it's AT&T or Verizon; Multimedia phone or Simple phone;.... it's made by Pantech. That's enough to keep me away.

posted on 26 May 2008, 10:58

5. VZWREP (unregistered)

its for people, mainly the elderly who dont want a "complicated" phone. kind of like the 8630 (coupe)

posted on 26 May 2008, 17:28

6. nikki_836 (unregistered)

This is just a copy of the AdioVox 8630 Coupe from Verizon. Way to be orginal AT&T.

posted on 26 May 2008, 21:06

7. (unregistered)

Wow, this really IS just like the Coupe from Verizon ... minus the color-coded buttons on the sides and the dedicated 911 button.

posted on 27 May 2008, 19:38

8. LOLZPHONEFREAk (unregistered)


posted on 29 May 2008, 13:33

9. (unregistered)

why do they even create / offer these phones.... so fugly

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