AT&T now offers W580 in Red

AT&T now offers W580 in Red
Most likely, Sony Ericsson W580 has been a great success for AT&T, because the carrier now offers yet another color variant. After white, gray, black, pink and green, the Walkman slider is now available in vivid red. Of course, the price remains the same, $99 after two-year contract and mail-in rebate, which is just fine for a lady-friendly music-centric device. If this is too eccentric for you, maybe the pink will do just fine. See them all below and choose the color that suits you best.

Sony Ericsson W580 Specifications | Review

source: AT&T



1. unregistered

omg everyone has this phone, my friends, teachers, my grand parents wtf is this like the new razr??

2. unregistered

Well it looks good and it's quite trim. A lot thinner than I thought it would be.

3. sinfulta unregistered

Wow...., That's pretty sexist of you to think just because they have a red model that it must be for the ladies. Me personally I like red (would never have a red phone though, but that's me), and I'm sure other guys like it too/have/want it as well as some of the other colors. It's just kinda rude, why would you guys make that comment in the first place. It wasn't necessary to announce the phone is out/available in red now. Geeez.

8. unregistered

So, why don't you buy the red or pink phone and see what people will think mr. Sexist?

9. unregistered

If he did and other think poorly of it, it means they are sexist, too. It's a color, I really don't see how it decides whether someone acts or thinks like a male or female. And he didn't say anything about getting the phone.

13. unregistered

red is a feminine/indian color no matter how you look at it

4. Impatient unregistered

WTH is the w760? The w580 has been around for almost a year and sony's been dangling the w760 for the past 6 months. It was released last month but no sign of any carries(AT&T) picking it up. What gives?

5. unregistered

The W760 is a more high-end device than this, even if it were to be released in the U.S., this phone [W580] would still be selling. And by the looks of it, the W580 would still be popular.

6. unregistered

it's like power ranger colors! lol!!!

7. unregistered

LOL!! I never noticed that!

16. rofl unregistered

Blue is not a color

10. unregistered

I HATE the curve at the bottom, it makes haqndling the phone so uncomfortable when the slide is closed.

15. unregistered

u have weird hands then lol =P ive got this phone and ive never found it a problem

11. ??? unregistered

do u think theyll ever come out w/ a blue one?>

12. unregistered

doubt it, the gray one already has blue. unless it is highly requested and the phone becomes more popular

14. Abdul Munaf unregistered

Any one Please help me. I am not able to use AT&T's w580i in India. If i insert an Indian SIM it Prompts a message Insert correct smart chip Can any one help me to crack the code & use the Phone I will be Really Thankful.

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